India’s shopping scene is incredibly fascinating – with an astonishing variety of dazzling clothes, shoes, jewellery, jute bags, spices, sour candies, handicrafts, metal items and a plethora of other souvenirs. The country produces these goods in both traditional and modern designs, and sometimes a fusion of both, like contemporary designer things inspired by traditional styles.

Bargaining is an essential part of physical shopping in India, so shopping in markets or even larger shops often involves (learning and using) the fine art of bargaining (negotiating prices – also known as “haggling”). Most prices in street shops as well as complexes are negotiable and vendors here are used to it. While some may agree to slash prices, some vendors may not. So, there is a luck factor involved! Sometimes bargaining is more fruitful when people buy multiple things from one vendor – in such cases the vendors themselves might offer a discount.

Shopping in India can be done in the famous Bazaars (street markets), or malls and larger stores or online on Indian shopping apps such as:


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