Raja Parba

Raja Parba, also referred to as Mithuna Sankranti, is a three-day-long festival of womanhood celebrated in the Indian state of Odisha. The second day of Raja Parba signifies beginning of the month of Mithuna from, which the season of rain starts. It falls in mid June, the primary day is termed Pahili Raja, second day is Mithuna Sankranti, third day is Bhudaaha. A number of seasonal fruits are offered to mother Bhumi. The day before begining of the festival, is termed as Sajabaja or preparatory day during which the house, kitchen including grinding stones are cleaned, spices are grounded for 3 days. During the festival, women and girls take rest from their work and wear new Saree, and ornaments. The unmarried girls of the family are groomed for matrimony through this festival, where they pass these three days in full happiness, joy and observe customs like eating only uncooked and nourishing food especially Podapitha, and many other customs.

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