gokarna beach

Gokarna beach is a beach in Gokarna, which is a coastal town in the south Indian state of Karnataka, known for its serene beaches and pristine waters. This place is very popular with young travellers in the country and makes for a lovely and peaceful getaway from the nearby big cities. It is in fact said to be a more laid-back version of the more popular Indian beach destination Goa!

Gokarna’s beaches are scenic, secluded, clean, well-maintained, and great to swim or dip your feet in, as the water currents are not too high, given the calm weather and environment. The main beach (Gokarna beach) and various others here also offer exciting activities and adventure experiences that adrenaline junkies and fun lovers will enjoy - such as scuba diving/snorkelling, speed boating, surfing, parasailing, jet skiing and some milder ones like banana boat rides too.

Gokarna beach is best visited during the winter months, that is, from September to February. During these times the waters are clear, the weather pleasant, and the beach is overall enjoyable.

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