Chapra is a city in the Indian state of Bihar and the administrative center of the Saran district. It is located near the confluence of the Ghaghara and Ganges rivers.

Places to visit

  • Aami : Amba Asthan, an old temple in Aami, can be found. A lovely green garden and a deep well that never runs dry are located beside the shrine. Devotees from all over the world flocked here during the Navratras of April and October.
  • Distance: Aami is 25 kilometres away from Chapra

  • Sonepur : Sonepur is well-known around the world for its massive fair conducted on Kartik Purnima and also well-known in India for having one of the largest railway stations. The SonepurMela is conducted in Purnima in honor of God Shree Hariharnath. At Ganga Snan, Hindus worship the sacred river Ganga. The SonepurMela begins on that day and lasts for more than a fortnight.
  • Distance: sonepur is 69 kilometres away from Chapra

  • GautamAsthan: Gautam Rishi's Ashram is located west of Chapra. According to religious beliefs, Ahalya was purified here. The epic Ramayan mentions Gautam Rishi, who cursed his wife and she turned to stone.
  • Distance: Gautam Asthan is 13 kilometres away from Chapra

  • Silhauri: Silhauriis one of Bihar's lesser-known destinations. According to the Shiv Puran and Ram CharitraManas, this is a significant location. Narad'sMohabanrepresents the location. This location is 28 kilometers away from Marhowrah. Every Shivratri, a Mela is held here, and devotees of Baba ShilaNath come to pray.
  • Distance: Silhauri is 24 kilometres away from chapra

  • Chirand: Its archeological examination suggests that it is around four thousand years old and developed the Pashupati era's history and culture. The locals are mostly involved in agriculture, livestock husbandry, and hunting. The new Pashnavi culture was first displayed in India. Chirand had grown into a significant urban area.
  • Distance: Chirand is 9.1 kilometres away from chapra

How to Reach

  • Regular flights connect Chapra to the rest of the country's major cities. The nearest airport is 37 kilometers away, in Patna. There are no frequent trains from other major cities in the country to Chapra. Patna, which is 41 kilometers away, has the nearest railway station.

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