Daudnagar town is the administrative headquarters of the Daudnagar Subdivision in the Aurangabad district of Bihar, India, in the Magadh division.Daudnagar is noted for its unique and large celebration of the Jiutiya (Jivitputrika) festival, during which women fast for the longevity of their sons.

Places to visit

  • Deo : Deo, built in the 15th century, is one of Bihar's most prominent temples. People claim that the temple was built by King Bhairvendra Singh of Chandravanshi, despite the lack of evidence. This temple is easily accessible because it is barely 10 kilometers from Aurangabad. The height of the Deo temple is one of its most distinguishing features. Because the temple is almost 100 feet tall, it is easily visible from a distance. Furthermore, the temple's roof resembles an umbrella. People frequently bathe in the Brahma Kund, which is situated next to the temple and is devoted to the Sun God. This tradition dates back to King Ayel's reign.
  • Distance: Deo is 51 kilometres away from Daudnagar

  • Umga : The umga temple is home to a plethora of exquisite idols dedicated to many deities, including Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, the Sun God, and others. Aside from its spiritual significance, the temple's architecture is stunning. Many people who are interested in archaeology and history come to the temple to learn about its history. If you are a Hindu devotee, you should visit the temple during Shivratri. The temple lavishly celebrates the event, and thousands of visitors from all across the country flock there during that time.
  • Distance: Umga is 67 kilometres away from Daudnagar

  • Piru: This location may not appear to be significant, but it is well-known among history buffs in India. This town is so well-known that it is the birthplace of the famous poet Banbhatta. Pritikoota was the town's original name. You may have been aware that Banbhatta was King Harshwardhana's court poet. Even though there isn't much to see in the village, visitors can still explore a once-important place in India.
  • Distance: Piru is 24 kilometres away from Daudnagar

How to Reach

  • Airports near Daudnagar, Gaya Airport 66 kilometers away. Daudnagar Railway Stations Phesar Bihar, Aurangabad, Obra is only 21 kilometers away. Baghoi Kusa Bihar, Aurangabad, Obra is only 22 kilometers away.

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