Jamui, Bihar

Jamui is a town and municipality in the Jamui district of Bihar, India. It serves as the district headquarters for the Jamui district. Jamui was established as a district on February 21, 1991, following its split from Munger. It belongs to the Munger Division.

Places to visit

  • Jain Mandir : Jain Mandir Dharamshala is best recognized as the largest rest stop for Jain pilgrims. This location is always accessible because it is on the road to Kshatriya Gram Kund, another popular tourist site in the Jamui area. Inside the rest house is a big Lord Mahavir temple. It is situated in the Sikandra Block, 20 kilometers west of the Jamui district. This Jain Mandir Dharamshala is known throughout the country for its grandeur and peacefulness.
  • Distance: Jain Mandir is 40 kilometres away from Jamui

  • Kshatriya Kund Gram : Kshatriya Kund Gram is honored and regarded as the birthplace of Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankar of the Jain religion. The Lord Mahavir Temple is one of the most important attractions to visit here. Aside from this temple, a lovely spot called Lachchuar is 15 kilometers south of this hamlet.
  • Distance: Kshatriya Kund Gram is 38 kilometres away from Jamui

  • Patneshwar Mandir : Patneshwar Mandir is a well-known Shiv temple in Jamui. According to legend, the temple was formerly the home of the Goswami family. One day, Goswami observed something gleaming in the woods, and upon closer study, he discovered it was a shivling. The temple was completed in 1711 AD. During the Hindu month of Shravan, a 2-foot mud wall is built around this Shivling, and liters of milk are poured over it.
  • Distance: Patneshwar Mandiris 5.4 kilometres away from Jamui

  • Simultala Hill Station : Simultala Hill Station is best known for its scenic beauty and good weather. It is better known in Indian mythology as Sri Ram Krishna Paramhans' meditation site, or tapobhumi. This place's wonderful landscapes and lovely, hypnotic natural beauties entice you to visit whenever you need to break away from your stressful everyday life. Simultala is a tiny hamlet in Bihar best known for its health resort. This site is worth a visit because of its tranquil and serene settings.
  • Distance: Simultala Hill Station is 46 kilometres away from Jamui

How to Reach

  • Jamui is not well connected to other major cities in the country by regular flights. Gaya, 130 kilometers away, has the nearest airport. There are no frequent trains to Jamui from other major cities in the country. Deoghar, 67 kilometers away, has the nearest railway station.

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