India: Our pride, strength, soul and future

October 8, 2023 India is a land and civilization that is so alive, positive, busy, and deeply spiritual across society, even as we have so many different faiths, beliefs, systems, communities, lifestyles, opportunities and dreams. A country that is a confluence of thousands of cultures, cuisines, communities, and conversations, each with their own identity and diversity, yet united as a single nation. India is a land with outstanding natural beauty, expansive legacy heritage, teeming populations over thousands of cities, towns and villages, millions of small and tiny enterprises engaged in agriculture, crafts, products and services, rich tapestry of art, music, culture and thinking, a national ambition for modernity, technology and world-class excellence, a global outlook, and confident mindset that is being constantly refined with quality education, infrastructure, enterprise, digital platforms and systems. As a country, we bring in a few million international visitors and much of our population knows little detail beyond their local regions. Any expansion in the volume of travel, discovery and engagement, will grow opportunities, enterprises, employment and economic well-being. Can organized accurate published information that is easily available to explore, discover and learn help create better awareness, interest and action? As the internet has become a default digital eco-system of information, commerce and engagement, Indiamap has been attempting a repository of information about India and its many facets, themes and treasures. A seemingly impossible task. We have just scratched the surface of this magnificent nation of confluence, contradictions and continuities. Indiamap is our love and passion and one that we dream will one day be a unified source of authentic information, discovery, education and engagement for people in India and worldwide. Our current themes are Places, Experiences, Food and Stories. We work to detail these with facts, narratives, details, visuals and videos that bring out the diversity, expanse, beauty, pleasure and mystique of India in all their color, vibrance and energy. We are a team of passionate and committed researchers, planners, visualizers, creative thinkers, writers, designers, developers and data compilers, working together to create and update over ten thousand pages of information content about India.

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