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Malls in India are regarded as the bustling and lively places of wonder dedicated to the surprises and excesses of real food service and entertainment. They are no longer just about shopping but more about the entertainment, décor, and relaxation options. Whether its buying luxury brands, souvenirs, or opting for a relaxation spa day or movie day, the best malls in India have now everything within. Malls are now a way of life, connecting people with new experiences and offering them a place to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Until the 1990s in India, street markets and bazaars were the shopping hub in India and the top performers of the Indian retail sector. But after the 1990, there have been a sudden influx of the mall culture, especially in the metro and the big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, which has changed the way people experience shopping. Unlike a decade ago, people now don’t have to choose between shopping, movies, or hanging out on a holiday or a weekend, thanks to the malls where all these jobs can be done under single roof and that too with a world class experience. Whether it’s a hot summer day, a quick hangout with friends, or a shopping or movie plan with your loved ones, malls provide the complete holistic experience with the centrally air-conditioned complex and soothing music playing all around that adds to the smooth shopping experience that is appreciated by all. Don’t forget the delectable global cuisines that is served in different food joints which create a center of attention for all the foodies.

These emerging sensations not only offer shopping and entertainment but a pace for dating or simply a free of cost AC place for passing the time for the youngsters. The international appeal of these malls with a modern infrastructure and soft interior illuminated with the golden glow of the soft lightings, is what is gaining their popularity and acceptability. People can now buy global luxury brands and get the shopping experiences of West and Europe around them. The availability of world class ambience and services in an aesthetically pleasing air-conditioned complex, exposure to a multitude of brands, state of the art movie theatres, cuisines from around the world, gaming zones, and tempting promotional offers are all the reasons people are getting attracted to malls.

A general high-class mall mainly comprises of the following elements which makes them a preferable choice among the shoppers:

  • A Shopping Area : All the malls are mainly opened to satisfy the thirst of the shopaholics and to offer them a place where top brands from across the globe can be explored. Big malls in India such as Lulu Mall, Sarath City Mall, Select Citywalk, Orient Mall, UB City Mall, Pacific Mall, and many more have several local and international high-end brands which are not usually seen otherwise.A major part of the mall is usually decked up by shopping outlets of high-end and local brands where people can be seen swarming in and out.
  • Expansive Food Courts : Malls have now become a comprehensive experience for shoppers who delight in some quick snack while they are on their shopping spree. All the malls have food courts or dining outlets, whether big or small, that serve snacks, beverages, fast food, and a plethora of cuisines from across the globe to treat your palate. Food courts are open areas where customers give order and then wait for their food to get prepared or assembled, while dining outlets are restaurants or world-famous food chains that have arrangements for people to sit comfortably inside.
  • Entertainment Area : Nowadays, malls offer a collective experience to their visitors with a separate section for entertainment, preferably a movie a theatre. It is not uncommon to see a PVR or any cinema complex in a mall premises which offer its visitors a break from all the shopping and to sit and enjoy the movie in a multiplex big screen.
  • Gaming Zone : Big and luxury malls have a separate gaming section for kids, children, and adults alike. This is the area where mothers can drop their kids where they know the kids will be in safe hands while they go shopping. Gaming zones for adults include trampoline, mystery land, snow ride, and much more. Malls such as UB City in Bangalore, Select Citywalk in Delhi, Sarath City Mall in Hyderabad, Lulu Malls in Kochi, and Lucknow, etc. are known for their thrilling gaming zones.
  • Spas and Massage Centre : Malls have now gained immense popularity because of their inclusion of Luxury and Wellness Spas and Massage Centre. Shop all day to spend a luxury evening getting pampered to fullest.

Famous Luxury Malls in India

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1. What is ‘Retailtainment’?

Retailtainment is a term used to describe the experience in malls where not only shopping is done but other activities such as watching movies, relishing food, relaxing in spas and massage centres, and thrilling gaming zones can also be enjoyed.

Q2. How many total malls does India have?

There are approximately 720 malls in India at present.

Q3. When did the first mall establish in India?

The first mall got established in 1999 in India by Ansal’s Plaza in Delhi followed by Crossroads in Mumbai and Spencer Plaza in Chennai. After that in 2003, shopping malls in India started multiplying in metro cities and in tier II cities as well.

Q4. Which city in India has the greatest number of malls?

4 With 95 operational malls, Delhi-NCR has the greatest number of malls in India and is known as India’s Mall Capital.

Q5. Which is India’s first luxury mall?

UB City Mall is India’s first luxury mall.

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