Bonalu is a traditional Hindu festival, celebrated in Telangana. The festival is celebrated within the month of Ashada Masam, which is around July or August. Special "poojas" are performed for Yellamma on the primary day of the festival. The festival is usually considered a thanksgiving to the Goddess for fulfillment of vows. During the festival, women prepare rice cooked with milk and jaggery in a new brass or earthen pot adorned with neem leaves, turmeric, vermilion and a lit lamp on top of the pot, these pots are carried by women on their heads and offered to the Mother Goddess across the temples. The festivals involves the worship of Mother Goddess in regional forms like Maisamma, Pochamma, Yellamma, Peddhamma, Dokkalamma, Ankalamma, Poleramma, Maremma, Nookalamma.

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