Sekrenyi, known locally as Phousanyi, is a major annual festival of the Angami Nagas, among the numerous festivals held by them, within the northeast Indian state of Nagaland. It is observed for ten days from the 25th day of the Angami period of time of "Kezei" under the auspices of the Angami Public Organisation in association with many other organizations and also the regime. It is a "purification festival" held to clean off all past sins. The aim of the festival is to renew and "make holy" by cleansing the "body and also the soul" of the village, and to induce unity among all communities of Nagaland. It also marks initiation of kids to adulthood and is taken into account an "identity marker of the Angami". A number of rituals and ceremonies are involved in the festival. On the primary day, which is thought as "Kezie", people sprinkle themselves with some drops of rice water drawn from a pot named "Zumho". The water drops are first gathered into leaves, and therefore the chief lady of the house reverently fixes the leaves at the three main corner pillars of the house. this is often followed by the boys assembling at the well to wash.

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