About India

One of the oldest civilizations in the world with a kaleidoscope of rich culture and heritage, India is a fascinating mixed bag of history, spirituality, adventures, cuisines, nature, chaos, and peace at the same time. It is crowned by the Great Himalayas on the north, the Thar desert and Arabian Sea to the west, Bay of Bengal and dense forests to the east, and the serene beaches ...with tropical forests and the Indian Ocean to the south. As the 7th largest country in the world, India stands proudly apart from the rest of the Asian continent, marked by the mountains, sea, desert, and dense forests giving it a distinct entity. India has achieved an all-round socio-economic progress after its independence in 1947 and is one of the top industrial countries in the world with an ever-growing economy. Traversing the lanes and streets of Incredible India, you will come across a wide variety of tourism choices, diverse in nature and land, dance forms, music, arts, cuisines, faiths, tribe, people, crafts, adventure, spirituality, sports, history, which also vary from one state to another. The ancient architectures standing tall from millennials are a stark contrast to the modern edifices which offers a touch of antiquity to the keeps the people grounded to their roots. From ancient temples to historic forts and palaces, mangroves to dunes of sand, snow clad landscape to gushing waves, and delicious street food, experiences in India are never ending. World-class airports and hotels, luxurious shopping malls and traditional markets, pubs, cafes, and restaurants, to overcrowded streets and alleyways in the same cities offering a memorable experience, India is not a country but a whole world of delightful experiences and surprises.

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History of India

Based on the phases of evolution of the country and its people, the history of India can be categorized as Ancient history, Medieval history, and the Freedom struggle.

Ancient History

Medieval History

Freedom Struggle


People and Lifestyle

If you are looking for a new and unique way of lifestyle, India is the place to be. The country offers its visitors an invaluable experience with its culture and historical heritage and the friendly people who treat guests like God. The multi-ethnic populous nation adds a unique and vibrant quotient to this land which is what India is about.

and beliefs




and craft


Adventures and Experiences

Trekking in the Valleys and Snow-Clad Hills

Surfing in the Gushing Waves

Get Royal Treatment in Glamping

Take a Safari Ride in Wildlife Parks

Relish a Hearty Meal at the World’s Largest Kitchen

Have Fun Enjoying the Nightlife

Enjoy a Boat Ride at Varanasi Ghat

Delight in the Houseboat Cruising at Kerala Backwaters

Explore the Forts and Palaces of Rajasthan

Explore World’s Largest Mangroves


Fascinating Stories and Facts About India

Shiva Linga at Amarnath

Rock Carved Kailash Temple

Fascinating Acoustics of Golkonda Fort

Existence of Adam’s Bridge

Son Bhandar Caves of Bihar

The Nine Unknown Men

The Ghost Village of Kuldhara

The Secret Chamber of Padmanabhaswamy Temple

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