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A unique and ancient land of vibrant colors, exquisite landscapes, and rich history, India is unlike any other. From the snowclad hills of the Himalayas to the serene beaches of Kanyakumari, the topical rainforests of the seven sisters to the dry desert of Gujarat, this remarkable country offers a diverse feast for the senses. With a majestic geographic terrain, filled with lush greenery, forests, scenic lakes, mountain peaks, and a plethora of tropical beaches, India offers an assortment of treasures that will arouse and speak to the nature lover in you. The country has some of the best naturally formed wonders in the world with stunning aesthetic appeal and heavenly vibe, where people can be “at one” with nature.

Nature has a never-ending healing effect in our soul and body. The luscious green forests, large mountains, gurgling rivers, cascading waterfalls, sandy beaches, and even expansive range of deserts all thrive here and offer us a respite from the crazy wake of life. While the glitz and glam of the cities in India steal the limelight, the nature spots bring us back to reality and capture our heart because of their mood-boosting, stressbusting, and serotonin-surging adventures. With a wide variety of fauna and flora thriving in India, it is home to numerous wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, waterfalls, and flower valleys which offer wellness with a wild twist. For nature, wildlife, and adventure lovers, national parks in India and wildlife sanctuaries in India are the perfect place to let the inner wanderer loose and gulp-in the refreshing and thriving beauty of nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What Is The Nature Of India?

India is home to a wide array of ecozones including deserts, mountains, tropical and temperate forests, rivers, plains, and even an island archipelago.

Which Is The Highest Waterfall In India?

Kunchikal Falls in the Shimoga district of Karnataka is the highest waterfall in India with a height of 1493 feet.

How Many Wildlife Sanctuaries Are There In India?

There are 565 wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Which Place Is Considered As The Most Peaceful Place In India?

4 Ladakh is considered as the most peaceful place with its quiet surroundings and serene backdrop that will take you out from the hustle-bustle of life.

Which Place Is Considered As Heavenly In India?

Kashmir is endowed with the name of ‘Heaven on Earth’ with blissful landscape, simmering lakes, snow clad mountains, and lush meadows.

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