Amreli, Gujarat

Amreli, formerly known as Amaravalli, is a city located in Gujarat state, in the west of India.

Places to visit

  • Shri GirdharilalSangrahalaya Children Museum : A museum is a magnificent repository of information. A sizable museum that includes a well-equipped library is called the Shri GirdharilalSangrahalaya Children Museum. The museum is well known for its impressive collection of books about astronomy, archaeology, art, and history that are specifically geared at children. For visitors who are interested in learning about the museum's history, special guides are also provided. On Tuesdays, educational programs are presented for kids.
  • Distance: Shri GirdharilalSangrahalaya Children Museum is 45 kilometres away from Amreli

  • Pania Wild life Sanctuary : The animal sanctuary in Pania is one of Amreli's top tourist destinations. A protected area known as Gir includes the heavily wooded area. It serves as the Chinkaras' natural habitat. There are also Indian gazelles, leopards, and lions in this area. The area contains a lot of vegetation and a lovely combination of flora and fauna. Here, several grass species can be spotted. Gorad, khair, ashitro, dhav, bordi, hermo, saladi, and many more are a few of these species. Many visitors gather to take in the natural beauty.
  • Distance: Pania Wild life Sanctuary is63kilometres away from Amreli

  • Bhurikhiya Hanuman Mandir : Bhurikhiya Hanuman Mandir is another significant place of worship in Amreli. Lord Hanuman is the focus of this revered shrine. The temple, however, is connected to Shri Damadordasji, a fervent supporter of Shri Raghuvirdasji, according to old inscriptions. For his talks on TulsidasRamayan, the sage was well-known. During Chaitra Poornima, a large number of devotees visit the temple. The priests of the temple carry out special rites. Other notable temples are the Gayatri Temple and the Khodiyar Temple.
  • Distance: Bhurikhiya Hanuman Mandir is 35kilometres away from Amreli

  • Khodiyar Dam : The Khodiyar Dam is thought to be Amreli's top tourist destination. With a height of 75 feet, it is Gujarat's largest dam. In the Saurashtra region, this stunning dam has been constructed across the Shetrunji River. The Khodiyar Dam is very significant since it provides drinking water for the entire city. It is fun to see the waters gushe here.
  • Distance: Khodiyar Dam is 42kilometres away from Amreli

How to Reach

  • By Train-Regular trains from other significant cities in the nation don't run to Amreli. At Rajula, 68 kilometers away, there is the closest railway station.
  • By Air-Amreli is not well connected by regular flights to other significant cities in the nation. Rajkot is home to the closest airport, which is located 89 kilometers away.

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