Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar is a chain of markets in northern India, which originated somewhere around the time of the Mughal Empire.

One of the main Meena Bazaars in located in Lucknow (in Uttar Pradesh state), New Delhi – the national capital region.


Various ethnic items are sold in Meena Bazaar, which include –

Exotic shawls and sarees with embroidery, Zari (border work) and brocades, silver utensils, precious and fancy jewellery, precious stones, ivory artefacts, local spices (including authentic saffron, musk, etc), fine wood work artefacts, furniture, brass and copper ware, and so on.

The market also has an online shopping portal now, which ships products to various cities all over India.

Additional Info for Visitors

Meena Bazar in Delhi is located close to the famous Red Fort monument in Delhi. This can be navigated easily from Red Fort, which is easy to reach from any point in the city as it a famous monument.

Meena Bazaar in Delhi has various buildings with some intricate carvings which reflect its colourful heritage. Some of these are original carvings from the Mughal era, and many others added for further beautification in subsequent years.

This market is open to shoppers between 11 AM to 9 PM on Tuesdays to Sundays, and is closed on Mondays.


During the Mughal Era a day called Khus Ruz was celebrated (translates to “Day of Joy”) – days which were specially meant for women to celebrate, shop and make merry.

Meena Bazars were established to honour this day. So, these “Meena Bazaars” were meant to entertain the womenfolk – with mostly women buying things like clothes, make up, jewellery and so on and relishing it to their hearts’ content. In the following years, the market was expanded and newer shops and products were introduced.

To this day the Meena Bazaar is a reputed name in the shopping scene in northern India.

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