Morbi, Gujarat

Morbi, sometimes known as Morvi, is a city in the Morbi district in the Indian state of Gujarat .

Places to visit

  • MaaKhodiyar Mandir : MaaKhodiyar Mandiris a well-known temple in the Rajkot district's Wankaner taluka. This is around 17 kilometers from Wankaner. Mataji Temple is built on a high rock. There are four statues of the goddess of the old station.The patient is lying in deep water in the river in front of Mateliya, or "the land." Mataji sleep and Prasad are served here, the Maakhodiyar sight of worshippers. TirthDham may be reached by ST and private vehicles from anyplace in Gujarat. Wankaner till the train arrives. This is a beautiful spot to stay with excellent lodging options.
  • Distance: MaaKhodiyar Mandir is 98 kilometres away from Morbi

  • JadeshwarMahadev Mandir : JadeshwarMahadev is a Hindu deity. Temple is located in Jadeshwar village of Rajkot district, Gujarat , India, near Wankaner City and Vadsar Lake. Stand tall among the lush vegetation of the mountains between Wankaner and Vada Sara Lake.TheLake is only a little historical distance away from JadeswarMahadev. The sudden appearance of Mahadev in ancient history is really interesting. As the existing avatars, Nava Nagar and Jamar Valathi, become cognizant, history begins.
  • Distance: JadeshwarMahadev is 25kilometres away from Morbi

  • Green Chowk : Green Chowk is a town square that is accessible through three gates. The design of these gates as urban icons was inspired by European town planning concepts. The Nehru Gate is composed of stone with Rajput architectural components and a central clock tower, while another uses western architecture elements and is capped with a three-story cast iron frame building with a dome.
  • Distance: Green Chowk is 2.1kilometres away from Morbi

How to Reach

  • By Air-Morbi's nearest airport is around 67 kilometers away in Rajkot and 247 kilometers away in Ahmedabad. A lot of aircraft arrive and depart from here, linking the city to other parts of Gujarat as well as the rest of the country.
  • By Train-Wankaner has the nearest railway station (27 km from Morbi). Wankaner is a major stop for any railway heading to Rajkot. As a result, you can disembark at Wankner station. Local trains run frequently between Wankaner and Morbi.

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