The Grand Venice Mall

The Grand Venice Mall, also known as TGV Mall is an Italian-themed shopping mall situated in Noida in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


TGV mall was opened in 2015 and it covers 947,000 square feet in area.

is a Venice-themed mall – with little artificial canals of water flowing between the shopping and entertainment zones within it. These canals also have gondolas going through them and taking customers from one point to another (for a fixed fee), replicating the gondolas and the canals in Venice, Italy.


The Grand VeniceMall Noida has manystore outlets such as those of various brands from across India as well as other popular international ones. Some of the brands whose outlets are available in this mall are –


TGV mall has a large food court called “Terrazzo” with various food and beverage outlets ranging from local traditional foods and street food specials to continental foods and desserts, providing a gastronomical and holistic dining experience, with various kiosks, food outlets, fine dining restaurants, bakeries and cafes.

How to reach

The Grand Venice Mall is located in Greater Noida, in Uttar Pradesh state. It can be reached by private vehicles, public road transport or Delhi Metro (the local public rail transit system which connects Noida and the national capital region Delhi as well as other surrounding regions like Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad), from anywhere in and around Noida.

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