Westend Mall

Westend Mall is a largemodern shopping mall and indoor entertainment complex in the city of Pune in the west Indian state of Maharashtra.


Westend Mall Pune was inaugurated on 19th May, 2016. Built up in a total area of 4,36, 000 sq. ft, this mall consists of six levels, namely –


The shopping zone in Westend Mall includes outlets of various brands from across India as well as other popular international ones. The mall has a total of 116 stores & 29 kiosks. Some of the brands whose outlets are available in this mall are –


Westend mallconsists of various food brand outlets, individual restaurants, food kiosks and cafes with a wide range of refreshments - snacks, meals and desserts to binge on. Some of the top eateries and food outlets in the mall are –

How to reach

Westend Mall Pune is located Mahadji Shinde Rd, Harmony Society in Aundh in the city of Pune. It can be reached by private or public road transport, or on the local train from anywhere in and around the city.

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