Adoor, Kerala

Adoor is a municipality in Kerala State, India's Pathanamthitta district. The Adoor Taluk and Adoor Revenue Division are headquartered there.

Places to visit

  • St George Orthodox Church : The largest church in South India is reportedly this one. This church was established in 1810 under the patron saint of England, St. George, according to a number of historical records. The primary draw for tourists is the church's architecture. Experts claim that this church was constructed by drawing inspiration from other religions, including Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism. On the other hand, this church's towers were designed in a Gothic manner. This church has undergone numerous alterations since it was built. This church is one of the most beautiful buildings in India, not just because of its architecture but also because of its carvings and paintings.
  • Distance: St George Orthodox Church is 11 kilometers away from Adoor

  • Parthasarathy Temple :Don't pass up the opportunity to see Parthasarathy Temple, Adoor's most stunning and historic temple, while there. There was a charioteer for Arjuna, the third Pandava, during the Khukhestra War where the deity of this temple, Lord Krishna, now resides. This temple is well-known for worshiping Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha in addition to Krishna. You can see the traditional dances and art forms if you visit this temple during the Astami Rohini Festival.
  • Distance: Parthasarathy Temple is 1 kilometer away from Adoor

  • Pandalam Mahadeva Temple : On the Achenkovil River's bank stands this revered temple. This temple is listed among the 108 temples that SanayasinKhara Muni erected, according to mythical accounts. Lord Shiva is the object of worship in this temple. You can see various idols of Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, Maya EkshiAmma, and more in addition to the picture of Lord Shiva with Ganga at his feet.
  • Distance: Pandalam Mahadeva Temple is 15 kilometers away from Adoor

  • Pandalam Palace : The Pandalam royal family resided in Pandalam Palace, which was situated on the Achankovil River's banks. Pandalam, where the palace is situated, is 10 kilometers from the town of Adoor. The royal family of this palace has an important place in Keralan history. They are thought to be related to the Madurai Pandya monarchs. In addition to its historical significance, Pandalam Palace has a considerable religious significance. The King of Pandalam is said to have been the mother of Lord Ayyappa. On the Achankovil River's banks, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa.
  • Distance: Pandalam Palace is 13 kilometers away from Adoor

How to Reach

  • By Air-The airport at Trivandrum, which is roughly 95 kilometers away from Adoor, is the closest one. One of India's busiest airports, Trivandrum Airport receives frequent flights from all parts of the country. There is also Cochin International Airport nearby, which is 140 kilometres away.
  • By Train-The closest station is Trivandrum Railway Station, which is 92 kilometers away from Adoor.

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