Revdanda Beach

revdanda beach


Nestled on the Arabian Sea coast in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, Revdanda Beach is at a distance of 17km from Alibaug and is one of the most visited beaches of the region. The crystal blue waters of the sea and the vast stretch of black sand make it distinguished from the other beaches of the area. Though the beach experiences visitors throughout the year, it never seems crowded as the vast shoreline of the beach accommodates thousands of people at a time. Because of spacious shore and the peaceful ambiance, the beach is visited by many families and couples to have some quality time, out from the hustle-bustle of life.

Revdanda beach is one of the top tourist spots of Alibaug. If you wish to visit this beach, try to spend at least one night here to witness the most amazing and the mesmerizing sunset in the evening. You can also stay at a beach camp to enjoy the starry sky and the delicious seafood. The camps are clean, safe, and well organized and the most important thing is they keep you out of the noise of the city. A huge bonfire is built where you can sit and talk with other people or you can build your own campfire while enjoying the barbeque.

The beach is also ideal to enjoy a pleasant sunny day while picnicking with your family or buddies and eating delicious home-made food or seafood from the nearby local restaurants. Walking along the quite seashore of the beach is a rejuvenating activity everyone should indulge in. The silky soft sand under your feet and the crashing waves of the sea on your feet feels vey comforting and therapeutic. So, if you live in the nearby cities from Alibaug, a weekend trip to Revdanda beach is must if you want some peaceful time away from the noise of the city.

Things to Do in Revdanda Beach



Revdanda beach has a very long stretch of seashore that can accommodate numerous visitors at a time and its serene and picturesque landscape is an ideal spot to picnic and spend some happy times with your family and friends.



Revdanda beach offers camping opportunity to those who want to spend the night overlooking the Arabian Sea. The camps are clean, well-organized and even have barbeque options with the delight of bonfire to have the time of your life.


Enjoy the sunset

If you are visiting Revdanda beach, make sure you don’t leave the place without witnessing the spectacular sunset. Sit with your special one on the soft sand and enjoy the beautiful spectacle of nature.



Swim in the cool waters of the Arabian Sea and splash water on to your loved ones to create happy memories and snap pictures to capture these beautiful moments.

Places To Visit Near Revdanda Beach

If you are staying the night on Revdanda beach, then do take some time out to visit some of these spectacular places near the beach to explore the beauty of the place.

1. Revdanda Fort

2. Portuguese Church

3. Korlai Fort

4. Phansad Dam

5. Shitaladevi Temple

6. Kulaba Fort

Places to Eat and Drink Near Revdanda Beach

Alibaug is full with eateries and restaurants serving delectable mouth-watering dishes and regional food. You will have plenty of options to choose from and the wide variety of dishes from the menu will leave your brain exercising. These are some of the best restaurants near Revdanda beach you can delight your palate in.

1. Shahi Biryani

2. Sanman Restaurant Alibaug

3. Aparanta

4. Kokum and Spice

5. Charcoal Family Restaurant

How to Reach Revdanda Beach?

Tourists can also take the ferry ride from Gateway of India, Mumbai which is the most picturesque option to reach Revdanda beach. The ferry will take you from Mumbai to Mandva Jetty and from Mandva Jetty take a bus to Alibaug. After reaching Alibaug you can easily take an autorickshaw and cover the rest of the distance to beach.


Best Time to Visit Revdanda Beach

The best time to visit Revdanda beach is from October to March when the weather is not too hot and pleasant for even enjoying in the afternoon. The summers are a bit to hot and humid to enjoy the beach and uncomfortable to stay outside during the day. You can visit the beach during the monsoons as the place glows in the rain-washed greenery and the beach look even more splendid. But keep in mind that ferry ride doesn’t operate during monsoons and swimming on the beach is a bit risky.

Revdanda Beach

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