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Amalapuram is a town in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This is both the largest town and the administrative hub of the district. It serves as the mandal and divisional headquarters for the Amalapuram mandal and revenue division.Being the headquarters of Kona Seema, a delta of Godavari, the town houses some of the most elaborate and exquisite temples of the state. In Konaseema’s delta are where the town is located.The best time to travel to this town is during the winter months. With an average temperature of 20°C to 25°C from December to May, the weather is quite nice

Places to visit

  • Appanapalli Temple : Amalapuram is 13 kilometres away from the sanctuary. Sri Balaji Devastanam is the name given to it most frequently. Given that it is regarded as a second Tirupati, the sanctuary on the banks of the Vynateya River is noteworthy. The sanctuary's territory is unique since the Godavari River surrounds it on three sides, while the Bay of Bengal lies on the sanctuary's fourth side. You are instantly won over by the area's expansive rice fields, coconut groves, jack trees, and mango trees. Your spirits soar to incredible heights while you are in the sanctuary's breathtaking environment. By drawing your attention to the intricate details and craftsmanship needed to truly take shape, the figures in the sanctuary seek to subvert the usual vision outside. The location's unmatched perfection will ensnare you.
  • Ainavilli Siddhi Vinayaka Temple : Amalapuram is 14 kilometres away from Ainavilli's Siddhi Vinayaka Temple. Two towers and two tunnel entrances are included in the sanctuary. One leads to Lord Siddhi Vinayaka, while the other leads to Sri Visveswara Swamy, two distinct divinities that can be reached through the sanctuary's two passageways. The sanctuary towers are stunning in all their frail creativity. With a sizable field of lush vegetation and incredible numbers of coconut groves, the sanctuary's location is amazing.
  • Sree Veeraswara Swamy Temple: Another prominent sanctuary in the Amalapuram vicinity is Sree Veereswara Swamy Temple in Muramulla. The sanctuary stands out because it is one of a select few places where the goddess and the deity co-headline. You are greatly drawn in by the convictions associated with the sanctuary's separation, the beauty of the surrounding environment, and the incredible craftsmanship on display there. The sanctuary is found by the River Gauthami, which branches into the River Godavari. Your spirit will be charmed by the sanctuary's surroundings because they are filled to the brim with the wonders of nature, including lush vegetation, paddy fields, and coconut groves.
  • Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary: More than 120 different bird species live there, and there are over 25 different varieties of mangrove trees. It is the second-largest length of mangrove forests in India. Both the long-billed and white-backed vultures, which are both endangered, can be found in this wildlife reserve. In addition, otter, a carnivorous species, calls this sanctuary home. The best method to get here from Kakinada city, which is 8 kilometres away, would also be to hire a taxi.It is located 47 kilometres away from amalapuram.

How to Reach

  • By Train - Amalapuram lacks a railhead of its own; instead, regular trains from all the major cities in the nation stop at the Palakollu Junction, 31 km away.
  • By Road - Amalapuram has good bus service to other significant Indian cities. From the bus terminal, which is situated in the center of the town, regular buses are accessible.
  • By Air - Rajahmundry, which is around 54 km from Amalapuram, is home to the area's closest airport. Taxi services are frequently accessible from the airport.

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