andhra pradesh


Telugu is the primary language spoken across Andhra Pradesh, and is the official language of the state. It is spoken in various dialects in different regions of the state. Apart from this, English is also widely spoken, by people in professional environments (especially Information Technology and communications).


Andhra Pradesh has a large number of Hindus and some Christians and Muslims as well. Telugu literature is abundant here – consisting of poems, songs, and prose.

In music - Carnatic music and Telugu film music is predominant here, while popular dance forms include Kuchipudi – one of India’s most popular classical dances, and many shows are performed based on this throughout the year in the state. Besides this, Andhra Pradesh also has various regional folk dance forms such as Perani, Prenkhana, Suddha Nartana, Rasaka, Danda Rasaka, and so on – which are mostly performed during specific festivals or cultural occasions.

Other cultural elements are art which Bapu's paintings – Bapu is a well-known artist in Telugu literature and art scene. Andhra’s fashion scene has also stood the test of time – its cotton sarees and garments and pearl harvesting and jewellery is popular in many places.

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