Anjar, Gujarat

Anjar is a town, township, and municipality in the Kachchh district of Gujarat, India. Anjar, founded around 650 AD, is a culturally varied town of historical significance in the region.

Places to visit

  • BhadeshwarMahadev Mandir : A shrine attributed to the warrior Ajay Pal, who is considered to be the founder of Anjar, may be found in the city's western outskirts. This temple was quite close to two other ancient temples known as "JesalToral Samadhi" or "The Tombs of Jesal and Toral," which were built around the tombs of Saint Toral and Saint Jesal. There is an intriguing story about JesalToral Samadhi: in the year 1500 CE, or about 500 years ago, there lived a violent robber named Jesal in Anjar, whose heart was stolen by the beauty of a female saint named Toral. When the female Saint Toral learned of Jesal's intentions, she transformed him from a robber to a sage, and Jesal was acknowledged as Saint Jesal by the locals. Both Saint Toral and Saint Jesal chose this temple as the location for their Samadhi ceremony, which was extensively practiced by saints in ancient India to bury themselves alive within a Samadhi in order to achieve nirvana. This made the town immensely popular in the surrounding area.
  • Distance: BhadeshwarMahadev Mandiris 1.6 kilometres away from Anjar

  • JesalToral Samadhi : The Lord Swaminarayan Temple is located in the Eastern Anjar, which was erected in the nineteenth century. Lord Swaminarayan is said to have visited and remained in Anjar for a while, and a temple was built exactly where he stayed.
  • Distance: JesalToral Samadhiis 500 Meteraway from Anjar

  • KoteshwarMahadev Temple : Koteshwar is a small village that is home to an ancient Shiva temple. It is situated near the mouth of Kori Creek in Gujarat, India, in the Kutch area. The temple was once shut off from the mainland by tidal streams, but it is now connected by road. Koteshwar Shiva is considered to be the Hinglaj Mata's Bhairava, dwelling in Hinglaj. Virtuous devotees should so visit Koteshwar after worshiping Hinglaj Mata.
  • Distance: KoteshwarMahadev Temple is 47 kilometres away from Anjar

How to Reach

  • By Road- From adjacent towns, buses and private cabs can be easily obtained to reach Anjar.
  • By train-Anjar Railway Station connects to nearby places such as Bhuj, Ahmedabad, and Gandhidham.
  • By Air-The nearest airport is Rudra Mata Airport (BHJ) in Bhuj.

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