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Ankola is a town, a municipal council, and a taluka in the Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka. The Ankola bush, which grows on a seaside hillside and is revered as a totem by the Halakki Vokkaligas, is the source of the place's name. The settlement is roughly 33 kilometres from Karwar and 86 km from Sirsi.In Ankola, the dry season is hot, muggy, and partly cloudy whereas the wet season is warm, oppressive, and overcast. The average annual temperature ranges from 72 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely falling below 68 or rising over 93.

Places to visit in Ankola

  • Shri Aryadurga Temple: The Sahyadri mountain range and the Arabian Sea are on the east and west, respectively, of the ancient but stunning temple of Goddess Arya Durga. You are welcomed by the two lions that watch over the temple grounds. A lot of Gaud Saraswat Brahmins consider the Arya Durga Devi to be their kul-devi. Arya Durga is worshipped at the temple, which dates back to at least 400 years and was established around the year 1506 A.D. Every day, prayers and aartis are performed with the deity inside the sanctum sanctorum. The devi appears beautiful when she is decked with flowers after the temple underwent refurbishment. The complex's temples are home to a number of family gods. The names of these deities are Mahadev, Chandikaa Devi, MalyaalPurush, Sri Someshwar, Naagkanya, Sri Kshetra Pal, Sri KaalBhairav, Jatak, and Sri Devi Paduka. One finds inner calm while sitting at a temple and closing their eyes. In the western corner is also where you'll find the Dattatrya temple. The expansive temple grounds include a structure with devotee rooms, a building for the cafeteria, and a hall where wedding parties are held. a place where family members can pray for each other's welfare in honor of the goddess Bhavtarini, who gives her followers comfort.
  • Distance: 3.4 kilometres away from Ankola

    How to reach: As one approaches Ankola on the NH-17 (Panvel to Mangalore), one must take a left onto the Dinkar Desai Road and continue for a further kilometre to arrive at the temple.

  • Honnegudibeach or Nadibhag: The area's draw is a canoe flowing in and out in the middle of the east sun, rest for the passengers in the form of enormous rocks, and roaring waves and a cool breeze from the little river Nadibhag as it approaches the bay. For all of these unique offerings, Nadibhag Beach is named. The visiting season runs from August through March.
  • Distance: 2 kilometres away from Ankola town

    How to reach: The travel mode is private vehicle.

  • Honnebail or Honey Beach: The location is ideal for unwinding in the peaceful surroundings because it is rarely busy. The vista is really breathtaking because everything that is visible to our eyes is the azure sea. There are numerous, enormous trees all across the shore. In the month of May, a mela known as Bandihabba is observed annually.

    One of the highlights is the exclusive beach resort at the brow of the hill.

  • Distance: 6 kilometres away from Ankola town.

    How to reach: The travel mode is private vehicle or state government buses fly at regular interval. But to reach beach you need to walk from the bus station.

  • Basakal Gudda: BasakalGudda's Nandi Point is a cliff edge from which to admire the lovely sea and the alluring beach.

    The location is ideal for unwinding in the peaceful surroundings because it is rarely busy. a tiny natural cave with an oozing water exit shaped like a cow's face This location is on the route to Nadibagh.
  • Distance: 2kilometres away from Ankola town.

    How to reach: The travel mode is private vehicle.

How to Reach

  • There is a train station here at Ankola and most of the trains stop here. The closest airport is at Mangalore.Buses heading to Gokarna from the Karwar bus depot will pass through Ankola.


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