Arwal, Bihar

Arwal district is one of the 38 districts of the Indian state of Bihar, and Arwal town serves as the district's administrative centre. It formerly belonged to the Jehanabad neighbourhood. To suppress naxalism in the region, the district was created. To create the district, the lands of two neighbouring districts, Jehanabad and Aurangabad, were united.

Places to visit

  • Bodh Gaya : It was at this location—famous for housing the Mahabodhi Temple—under the Bodhi tree that Gautama Buddha obtained enlightenment. It is currently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and many foreign nations, notably China and Japan, have assisted the Indian government in creating facilities for Buddhist pilgrims. Throughout the year, tourists and pilgrims from India and other countries visit the Bodhi Tree's ruins to pay their respects.
  • Distance: Bodh Gaya is 81 kilometres away from Arwal

  • Patna : Patna has a towering presence in history and the distinction of being one of the oldest cities in the world. This capital city of Bihar is not only one of the most prominent and well-liked tourist attractions in India, but it also has a great religious and spiritual significance as it serves as a gateway to Buddhist, Sikh, Jains, and Hindu pilgrimage sites.
  • Distance: Patna is 69 kilometres away from Arwal

  • Nalanda: In the present, Nalanda is still a rich place to visit. It provides vibrant spirituality, history, culture, architecture, and tourism content.One of the oldest and best residential universities in the world are located in this city and the building it is a work of art. The entire structure is in ruins, but it still paints a lovely picture and receives frequent visits from tourists. It has "chaiyas," or temples, to the west and "viharas," or monasteries, to the east. Also included in the complex is a delightful little museum that displays a variety of authentic Buddhist stupas as well as Hindu and Buddhist bronzes, coins, terracotta jars, a sample of burnt rice, and other artifacts.
  • Distance: Nalanda is 82 kilometres away from Arwal

  • GaribSthan Mandir: Baba Garibnath Temple, which is located in the middle of the city, is one of Muzaffarpur's main points of interest. Lord Shiva's Shivling, also referred to as Baba Gareebnath, resides in the temple. The peepal tree that once stood where the temple presently does is said to have provided the Shivaling. The man who cut down the tree saw blood seeping out of the tree, revealing the Shivling, which motivated him to construct the shrine that today has a sizable following of worshippers. During Shravan, a holy month, Baba Gareebnath Temple is particularly packed.
  • Distance: GaribSthan Mandiris 76 kilometres away from Arwal

How to Reach

  • Arwal is 65 kilometers from Patna District. The districts of Patna, Aurangabad, Jainabad, and Bhojpuri border it. In this region, there is no rail service. Road access is available from any of the neighbouring districts. Patna Airport, 65 kilometers away, is the closest airport to this area.

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