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Badvel is a municipality in the Andhra Pradesh district of Kadapa. Badvel Town is divided into two mandals. It is the headquarters of Badvel's revenue section. The majority of town is administered by Badvel Mandal, while the remainder is administered by Gopavaram Mandal.Badvel's average temperature, May is the hottest month in Badvel, with an average high of 105°F and low of 81°F. The chilly season lasts 3.0 months, from October 20 to January 22, with an average daily maximum temperature of less than 89°F.

Places to visit

  • Ameen Peer Dargah : Ameen Peer Dargah (the Asthana-e-MagdoomIlahiDargah complex) in Kadapa (Cuddapah) city exemplifies the communal harmony espoused by ancient saints and sages. On Thursday and Friday, pilgrims of all religions will go to the 300-year-old shrine, seeking the blessings of saints PeerullahHussaini and ArifullahHussaini II, who are buried here.The temple is one of the most tranquil and serene places in Kadapa, free of disturbing noises. If nothing else, one should go to this temple to feel the wonder of stillness!
  • Distance: Ameen peer Dargah is 57 kilometres away from Badvel

  • Paalakondalu Water Falls : Palakondalu Waterfalls is one of Kadapa's most popular tourist attractions. It was in the deep jungle around Puttampalli. There was a temple where the God Mahavishnu, known as "Palakandarayana" (Swami) in this place, dwelt beside Goddess Devi. It was an 11th-century temple. These hills are also known as the KadapaPalakonda Hills. Palakondalu Waterfalls It is a natural waterfall set among rolling hills. The guests must walk a few kilometers to get there. It appears to be a trekking area, with some steps and a flat surface to stroll on. The surroundings were densely forested on all sides. Tourists can appreciate the beauty and climate of the Palakondalu Hills. This is the only waterfall in the vicinity of Kadapa. There are five waterfalls near the temple, one of which is the greatest, and the others are smaller.
  • Distance: Paalakonda waterfalls is 51 kilometres away from Badvel

  • Sri Lankamalleswara Wildlife Sanctuary: Sri Lankamalleswara Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Lankamalai Hill ranges, is around 30 kilometers from Cuddapah. Following the discoveries of the severely endangered Jerdon's Courser Rhinoptilusbitorquatus in 1986 (Bhushan 1986), this refuge was constructed primarily for it. The primary forest types in this refuge are Southern Tropical Thorn and Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous (Champion and Seth 1968). The Sanctuary contains dry deciduous woodland in the higher elevations and scrub forest in the plains. Scrub forest floristic components include thorny Acacia, Zizyphus, and Carissa species, as well as non-thorny Cassia, Hardwickia, and Anogeissus species. Pterocarpussantalinus, an Andhra Pradesh endemic, grows here.
  • Distance: Sri Lankamalleswara wildlife sanctuary is 23.4 kilometres away from Badvel.

  • Sri BhagavanMahavir Govt. Museum: Sri BhagavanMahavir Govt. Museum was founded in 1982 and is located on the road to the train station; near the District Collector's Bungalow.There are four galleries in the museum. The stone carvings in the entrance gallery depict Hindu gods and goddesses. The JainaTirthankaras are represented in the Middle Gallery. The third gallery displays relics from from prehistoric times to the late Vijayanagara period. Prehistoric stone tools, megalithic pottery, early historical material such as pottery, coins, terracotta figurines, bronzes, guns and weapons, bidri ware, paintings, and so on may be found in the displays.The Hero Stones are the only focus of the Fourth Gallery. Buddha Padas (2nd century A.D.), Annapurna, Surya, and JainaTirthankara statues are among the most important artifacts.The Museum is open from 10.30 AM to 5.00 PM and closed on Fridays and Public Holidays.
  • Distance: Sri Bhargavanmahavir government museum is 60 kilometres away from Badvel

How to Reach

  • By Train - There are a number of Railway stations close by to Badvel, the closest being KanamaloPalle, which is 38 km away. Travellers can rely on Bhakarapet station as well which is 39 km away.
  • By Air- Tirupati International Airport 147 kilometers distance from Badvel

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