In the Indian state of Bihar, the city and municipality of Bagaha are located in the Pashchim Champaran district. It is a police district and a division of the Pashchim Champaran district. It is about 64 kilometers northwest of Bettiah, the district's administrative center. The state capital of Bihar, Patna, is 294 kilometers distant.

Places to visit

  • Valmikinagar : It is a well-known tourist attraction where a dam is being constructed on the Gandak River and was formerly known as Bhayinsa Lotran (Gandak Project). The northwest part of Bihar depends entirely on this dam and associated waterways. The eastern Upper Peninsula receives irrigation from this stream as well. Hydroelectricity is also produced by this dam. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, a former prime minister, dedicated the dam to the nation. Every traveler interested in experiencing natural beauty should make the trip to Valmilki Nagar, where the flowing streams of Gandak break the monastic silence of the Himalayan foothills.
  • Distance: Valmikinagar is 43 kilometres away from Bagaha

  • Balmikinagar national park and tiger reserve : It covers 544 square kilometers and is a sanctuary for several wild animals and birds. This serene, undeveloped nation is set against the beautiful Himalayas. Bhainsalotan is also well-known for housing the Valmiki Ashram, where Maharshi Valmiki, the alleged author of the Ramayan, is said to have occasionally resided. The Lord Shiva temple and an older Shiv-Parvati temple were both erected by Bettiah Raj.
  • Distance: Balmikinagar national park and tiger reserve is43 kilometres awayfrom Bagaha

  • Someshwar hills: On top of the Someshwar hills in Ramnagar block, at a height of 2,884 feet above sea level, sits a fort. The fort, which was built on the edge of a tall cliff, is now in ruins, but it still has some of its remains visible, along with reservoirs that were carved out of solid rocks to store water for the occupants. From the ridge where Fort Someshwar is situated, one may see a beautiful view of the snow in Nepal as well as the surrounding valleys and low hills. It is along this ridge that West Champaran and Nepal are separated.The view is thought to be among the best available from anywhere along India's boundary line because of the clear visibility of the enormous Himalayan peaks of Dhoulagiri, Gosainthan, and Gaurishanker.
  • Distance: Someshwar is 79 kilometers away from Bagaha

How to Reach

  • By air : Gorakhpur Airport is the closest airport to this station.
  • By Road : The region has good access to roads.
  • By rail : India's Bihar state is home to Bettiah Railway Station. It lies in the Bagaha town of Bettiah. The railhead is a component of Samastipur Junction's East Central Railway Line. The railroad stations at Majhowalia and Kumarbagh serve Bettiah. One of the major railroad stations, SiwanJn, is not far from this railhead.

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