Barauni is an industrial city in the Begusarai district of Bihar, India, located on the banks of the Ganges. Barauni, located on the northern banks of the Ganga, is home to an oil refinery, a thermal power station, and other enterprises developed by some of India's industrial behemoths.

Places to visit

  • Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary : This bird sanctuary, which is home to migratory birds, has direct access to Kanwar Lake, Asia's largest freshwater lake. During the hard winters, local birds and other rare bird species migrate here. Kanwar Lake is a natural oxbow. It was produced by the diversion of one of the Ganga's major tributaries, the meandering River Gandak. Other birds spotted here are the Oriental White Vulture, Kestrel, Cranes, Spotted Eagle, Long-billed Vulture, and more. Chemicals and pollution have recently degraded the water and the lake's surrounds. Poachers, trappers, and commercial property deals have all posed a threat to the survival of these species.
  • Distance: Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is 43 kilometres away from Barauni

  • Begusarai Museum: The tangible evidence of Begusarai's rich cultural heritage is housed in this government museum, which opened in 1981. Here you can witness stone sculptures of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesh, Sun God, Lord Vishnu, and others. The museum houses coins dating from the Pal and Mauryan periods to the end of British administration in India. Manuscripts, terracotta, and ceramic pieces are also on display. Art artifacts have been collected from all throughout town over the years.
  • Distance: Begusarai Museum is 17 kilometres away from Barauni

  • Naulakha Temple: This age-old temple in the centre of town is embellished with exquisite murals and carvings on its walls. The word "Naulakha" translates to "Nine Lakhs" in English. This is the expensive cost of erecting the temple. The temple is thought to have been erected in the 17th century by Mahanth Deer Das. In 1952, Mahanth Mahavir Das took up the responsibility of rebuilding and renovating the temple. The god is dressed with brilliant jewels, headdress, and lovely clothing. Hundreds of devotees come here to seek blessings and to pray for good fortune and long lives.
  • Distance: Naulakha Temple is 83 kilometres away from Barauni

How to Reach

  • Regular flights do not connect Barauni to other major cities in the country. Patna, 88 kilometers away, has the nearest airport. There are no frequent trains to Barauni from other major cities in the country. Rajgir, 73 kilometers away, has the nearest railway station.

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