Barbigha is a city and municipality in the Sheikhpura district of Bihar, India. It is well connected by road to the state capital of Patna.It is a tiny cultural and agricultural centre, with a few firms farming high-quality agricultural products such as tropical fruits and vegetables.

Places to visit

  • Jal Mandir : Jal Mandir is a prominent Jain temple dedicated to the 24th Tirthankara, Lord Mahavir. The beautiful white marble temple, also known as Apapuri, symbolizes the cremation site of Lord Mahavir and is a sacred pilgrimage location for Jainism. The stunning temple is built within a massive water tank filled with lovely pink lotus blooms. The temple is one of the top five Jain temples in the region, with Lord Mahavir's "Charan Paduka," or foot impression, as the major deity.
  • Distance: Jal Mandir is 36 kilometres away from Barbigha

  • Pawapuri : Pawapuri was Mall Mahajanpad's twin capital. Ajatshatru was a disciple of Lord Mahavira, and Mahajanpad later became a part of the kingdom of Magadha. During Ajatshatru's reign, the monarch of Pawapuri was known as Hastipal. Mahavira stayed in the king's Rajikshala in Pawapuri. Lord Mahavira was buried here about 500 BC, making it a hallowed site. Pawapuri has also been given the name Apapuri, which means "sinless town," because Lord Mahavira was cremated here. Following the cremation, there was a rush to collect the ashes, which resulted in the removal of a layer of dirt, culminating in the development of a pond. This pond was then turned into a lotus pond, and a marble shrine called Jalmandir was built in its middle. The area is culturally and historically significant. Traditional events celebrated here include the Rajgir Dance Festival and Chhath Puja. The Rajgir Dance Festival showcases a variety of classical dances.
  • Distance: Pawapuri is 37 kilometres away from Barbigha

  • Navlakha Palace: Navlakha Palace, also known as Rajnagar Palace, is an ancient royal palace that is a notable heritage building in the region. Built by Maharaja Rameshwar Singh, the palace once boasted of well-paved gardens, tinkling ponds, temple complexes, and the like. However, it sustained significant losses and catastrophic damage when an earthquake struck in 1934. It was never rebuilt and is now in ruins. Nonetheless, it preserves its old-world charm and spectacular architecture, and it is popular with both tourists and locals.
  • Distance: Navlakha Palaceis 43 kilometres away from Barbigha

How to Reach

  • Airport near Barbigha Patna Airport 86 kilometers away. Barbigha Railway Stations Sheikpura Bihar, Sheikhpura is 16 kilometers away. Kashi Chak Bihar, Nawada, Kashichak is 18 kilometers away.

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