Snehatheeram Beach

snehatheeram beach


If you are in Thrissur and want to enjoy some seawater and a nice beach location, then Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach is the perfect place for you. Situated in Thalikulam at a distance of 25km from Thrissur, Kerala the beach attracts many locals and tourists alike throughout the year. Snehatheeram beach is known for its pristine vast stretch of sandy shore and the calm aura it radiates. The enchanting effect it creates when the deep blues of the sea kiss the shore goodbye or when the cool breeze wafts through the air carrying with it the scintillating aroma of green plants, salty water, and the coastal food, makes it all the more special place to spend some quiet and peaceful time in the lap of nature.

The beach is an ideal location for visitors of every age. Upon setting your foot on the beach, you can spot children playing or making a sandcastle, couples’ hand to hand on a romantic walk against the stunning background of the vast horizon, and families enjoying their picnic with the basket of food. Because of its charming appeal, the beach attracts many tourists from all over India and even abroad.

The beach is well-kept by the authorities and many developmental activities have taken place on the beach in the past few years. There is a beautiful park near the beach which has a plethora of green plants of various species, flowers of many kinds, fountains, and a play area for children with swings and slides. The elderly can rest at the park till the time you enjoy the beach and all the watersports. There is also an aquarium with several varieties of fish on the beach where you can take your children to impart some knowledge of the underwater world. If you love photography, then the beach will give you some stunning shots of nature throughout the day with different colors of the landscape at different times. So, the next time you are in Thrissur, make sure you visit this amazing beach to make your trip a memorable one.

Things to Do in Snehatheeram Beach



The shore of the beach is very spacious and it is not overcrowded as many other commercial beaches. Enjoy a day of picnic with your family or friends while the sound of the lashing waves plays a symphony in your ears.


Play volleyball or Soccer

If you have come to the beach with your friends then playing sports such as volleyball or soccer becomes a must-do activity. The serene environment of the beach and the cool breeze from the sea make it even more enjoyable and a whole new kind of experience to have.


Adventure sports

If you get a chance, then you must indulge in the adventure sports offered on the beach such as paragliding, parasailing, and bumper rides or you can do some kite flying to spend enjoying your time.



Locals especially love to spend their evenings on this beach and take long peaceful walks while sharing some stories with their companions. The beach gets filled with visitors, especially in the winters.


Witness the spectacular sunset

The sunset at the beaches is always a sight to behold and Snehatheeram beach is no different. Sit on the black rocks or the tiled path beside the beach to glimpse the stunning sunset and capture the different hues of color in your camera.

Places to Visit Near Snehatheeram Beach

Snehatheeram beach has many tourist spots in its vicinity that you must not miss if you come to this beach. Some of the destinations which are worth your time near the beach are:

1. Snehatheeram Organic Spice Walk & Studies

2. Sreeguruvayurappan Temple

3. Appan Thampuran Smarakam

4. Our Lady of Dolours Basilica

Places to Eat and Drink Near Snehatheeram Beach

Places to eat and enjoy some delicious and lip-smacking food near Snehatheeram beach are as follows:

1. Kadappuram Beach Resort

2. Love Shore Inn

3. Joys Palace

4. Ashoka Inn

5. Dass Continental

How to Reach Snehatheeram Beach?

The nearest airport from Snehatheeram beach is in Cochin. It takes only an hour to drive from airport to this stunning beach. You can either book a cab or taxi or take a local bus from the airport to the beach. The nearest railhead from the beach is Thrissur Railway Station at about 3km from the beach. It is well-connected to most of the major cities of India.


Best Time to Visit Snehatheeram Beach

The weather in Kerala remains moderate throughout the year and you can visit the beach at any given time. The place has something to give no mater at what time of the year you come. Weather you come here during summers or winters, you will find the beach in its absolute glory and welcoming atmosphere. Try to avoid the monsoon because it may hinder with your plans on the beach but to explore the city covered with green foliage and rain-washed beauty, it can also be an ideal time to visit.

Snehatheeram Beach

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