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In the Nandyal district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Bethamcherla is a town having Nagar Panchayat civic status and the mandal capital. It is included in both the Nandyal parliamentary district and the Dhone assembly district.

Places to visit

  • Billasurgam caves : A little village called K.K. Kottala, which is an hour's drive from Kurnool, is home to the Billasurgam caverns, where geologists have uncovered prehistoric artwork that dates back more than 5,000 years.TheBillasurgam caves in Betamcherlamandal of Kurnool district have remained an untapped tourist destination despite their breathtaking beauty, but the district tourism authorities are now planning to address this in an effort to preserve history. A popular tourist destination in the district is the waterfalls of MallikarjunaLokkiGundam and MangampetaGundam. Every time it rains, the nearby communities' flood waters climb the steep mountains and cascade 50 feet to the ground below. The Mangampeta waterfalls are 90 kilometers away from the Kurnool district administrative center, where one may observe the breathtaking environment.
  • Thammarajupalli Waterfalls : The Kurnool district, which is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, contains the village of Thammarajupalle. Every rainy season, the flood water from the nearby communities reaches the stony slopes and cascades 50 feet down beneath them. The Mangampeta waterfalls are 90 kilometers away from the Kurnool district administrative center, where one may observe the breathtaking environment.
  • Sakshi Ganapati Temple: The Sakshi Ganapati Temple is a tiny shrine to Lord Ganesha that is set within lovely settings. The MallikarjunaJyotirlinga is visited by people who are believed to be known to Lord Ganesha. In order to please Lord Shiva, he keeps a record. Because of this, before visiting any other temple in Srisailam, worshipers come to this one to record their visit. The sanctum of this temple is accessible only after a short 10 step ascent. The temple's setting, hidden amongst thick forest, is its most appealing feature.
  • Maddileti Narasimha Swamy Temple: Every Saturday, Kanappa Dora would go hunting. One time, as he was walking through the forest, he spotted a monitor lizard that appeared to be glowing and to be a different hue. He immediately gave the order to his crew to capture the lizard. The lizard fled into an anthill known as Komali after the troops tried several times but failed to capture it. Even after digging the anthill, the soldiers were unsuccessful in finding the lizard, and they all went back to their home realm.On the same night, the Lord showed Himself to the King in his dreams and said that He was the one who had entered the anthill in the form of a monitor lizard. Knowing this, the king and the Vedic scholars prayed to the god who lived in the anthill. After blessing everyone, the Lord appeared as a 10-year-old boy from the anthill after being satisfied with their prayers.This place is known as the Maddileti Narasimha Swamy Temple because Narasimha Swamy emerged close to the Maddileru Canal.
  • Distance: Maddileti Narasimha swamy temple is 44 kilometres away from Bethamcherla

How to Reach

  • Bethamcherla is roughly 250 kilometers from Hyderabad International Airport, the closest significant airport. Bethamcherla has a railroad station. Bus service connects Bethamcherla with Kurnool and Hyderabad.

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