Bhiwani, Haryana

The district of Bhiwani is one of 22 in the northern Indian state of Haryana.Bhiwani is the North's equivalent of Kashi. Many people refer to Bhiwani, which is situated in the northern state of Haryana, as "Mini Kashi." The city's name derives from the presence of over 300 temples, and it is a famous pilgrimage site for Hindus. The origin of the city's moniker is a source of contention.

Places to visit

  • Loharu Fort : Thakur Arjun Singh constructed Loharu Fort in 1570 CE. Rao Shekha had split Shekhawati into 33 thikanas, with Loharu Fort being the 33rd. It was a small hamlet with a kuccha, a mud fort, at the time, and remained so until 1800 CE.
  • Distance: Loharu Fort is 59 kilometers away from Bhiwani.

  • Star Monument : The Star Monument is a work of architectural art that defies explanation. It is TarachandjiMaharaj'ssamadhi, also known as Maharajji by his devotees. ParamSantHuzurKanwarSahebjiMaharaj finished the beautifully shaped building of the Star Monument in just four years.The monument is a hexagonal pyramid with the edges shaped like a star. Tara signifies a star and was derived from the name Maharajji. The structure is unusual in that it is supported by no pillars or columns.The monument is encircled by a beautifully landscaped garden, where Maharaj-ji has a tiny hut for meditation.
  • Distance: Star Monument is 11kilometers away from Bhiwani.

  • Khakhi Baba Mandir : The Khakhi Baba Mandir is dedicated to Saint Khakhi Baba, a famous Bhiwani sage and ardent devotee of Lord Rama. He dedicated many years of his life to constructing a temple to the Lord in this location. As a result, this shrine is named after him: Khakhi Baba Mandir. In the neighborhood of the Lord Rama idol, there are also Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva idols.
  • Distance: Khakhi Baba Mandir is 66kilometers away from Bhiwani.

  • DevsarDham : DevsarDham is a well-known location in the Bhiwani area. This location is religiously significant and has a major impact on the tourism industry in Bhiwani. Many tourists come from all over the globe just to see this temple. It is one of the Hindu community's sacred temples devoted to Goddess Durga. The deity's moniker is 'Rani Sati Dadi,' and she is thought to be the carnation of Goddess Durga.
  • Distance: DevsarDham is 6.9kilometers away from Bhiwani.

How to Reach

  • By Air-Bhiwani is not well connected by regular flights to the rest of the country's main cities. The closest airport is 98 kilometers away in New Delhi.
  • By Train-There are no regular trains from other main cities in the country to Bhiwani. The closest railway station is Rohtak, which is 47 kilometers away.

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