One of the most prominent tourist places of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum is home to a rich collection of artifacts and models related to the tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh. Established in 2013, a trip to this museum is enlightening yet fascinating and an ideal place for travelers of all age group and gender.


Information for Visitors

Timings: 12pm to 8pm (Mondays and Govt. Holidays closed)

Location: Shyamla Hills Road, near State Museum, Shyamla Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Fees: Rs.10 for Indians and Rs.250 for foreigners

About the Museum

A place filled with historical artifacts, Tribal Museum in Madhya Pradesh is a tapestry of a rich collection of exhibits depicting the tribal art and culture. The beautiful museum highlights the several tribes of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh through a vast range of ancient coins, sculptures, weapons, utensils, etc. The artifacts are displayed in a charming way and spread awareness about the tribal rituals, customs, forms of worship, and so on.

The museum was inaugurated on 6th June 2013 by the former President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and is dedicated to the tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh and the neighboring places. The vast gallery of the museum displays exhibits showcasing the lives of the 7 important tribes of Madhya Pradesh – The Bheel, Korku, Gond, Baiga, Sahariya, Bhariya, and Kol. Spread over an area of 7 acres of land, the Tribal Museum also houses an auditorium, a small boutique for selling artifacts, and a restaurant for visitors to relax. The museum stands out from the other museums of the country because the style in the exhibits is canvassed. The gallery of the museum showcases mud houses with murals painted on the exterior that the tribal people used to live in, the daily tools they used to survive, the utensils, etc. Another one is the Tribal Aesthetic Gallery which exhibits the rituals of the tribes displaying birth, marriage, and death. The gallery also has wooden figures and a whole forest has been recreated to tell the folklore of how Bamboo originated. The Spiritual World Gallery is a stunning gallery showcasing the afterlife, the cryptic and spiritual world of the tribes.

Another gallery is dedicated to Chhattisgarh while the last one showcases different games played by the tribal people. The paintings in the museum are rather difficult to comprehend, but it does not stop them to depict the tales of tribes and the tribal people beautifully. The museum also sporadically organizes some cultural activities such as talk shows, poetry, vocal play, film, and dancing. With a populace of over 30% of tribal people, the museum is a perfect source of a rich collection of artwork and esthetics administered by the state government of Madhya Pradesh.

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