Bongaigaon, Assam

A significant city in the Indian state of Assam is Bongaigaon. Districts Bongaigaon and Chirang make up its urban area. The city also serves as the entrance to the North-East Frontier Railway Zone with its New Bongaigaon Junction railway station, the second largest railway station in North-East India.

Places to visit

  • Bagheswari Temple : Bagheswari Temple, one of Assam's oldest temples, honors the Hindu goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva's consort, and is located in the heart of Bongaigaon. Of the 52 Shakti Peethas, or shrines, dedicated to Shaktism, it is one of the earliest. The neighboring Bagheswari Pahar (hill/mountain), where tigers (bagh) were common, inspired the temple's name. During the Durga Pujo festival, particularly around the time of Durga Mahaashtami when the buffaloes are slaughtered, devotees swarm to the temple in great numbers. According to legend, Lord Vishnu divided Goddess Parvati into numerous pieces and dispersed them all across the world after the Dakshya Yagya. King Abhayapuri discovered a piece of her Trishul right where the shrine for the temple is. Thus, the name of Goddess Parvati was dedicated to Bagheswari.
  • Distance: Bagheswari Temple is 7.6 kilometres away from Bongaigaon

  • Kakaijana Wildlife Sanctuary : The Kakoijana Reserved Forest, also known as the Kakaijana Wildlife Sanctuary, is located on the banks of the river Aie about 15 kilometers from Bongaigaon. The golden langurs, which are indigenous to western Assam and the area near the Indo-Bhutan border, are its most well-known inhabitants. It was first designated as a "reserved forest" by the government and afterwards elevated to the status of a sanctuary. Numerous species, including storks, pythons, leopards, hornbills, porcupines, and many others can be found here in addition to the golden langur. Numerous types of animals, including hornbills, leopards, pythons, storks, golden langurs, monitor lizards, and pangolins, are housed at this sanctuary. At this refuge, you can also see binturong, porcupines, mongooses, barking deer, jungle birds, and porcupines. The red-vented bulbul, the pied harrier, the jungle lemur, and other bird species are among the many more that tourists can find in addition to the mammals. Another popular destination is Kalikapat, a spring on a hill that emerges from deep trees and flows into paddy fields.
  • Distance: Kakaijana Wildlife Sanctuary is 14 kilometres away from Bongaigaon

  • Kachugaon Game Reserve: The Bongaigaon district of Assam's Kachugaon is home to the Kachugaon Game Reserve. It is a protected area managed by Assam's Forest Department. Elephants, spotted deer, gaurs, and golden langurs are just a few of the rare and endangered species found in Kachugaon.

Distance: Kachugaon Game Reserve is 75 kilometres away from Bongaigaon

How to Reach

  • By way of routine flights, Bongaigaon is not well connected to other significant cities in the nation. The closest airport is located 74 kilometers away in Ranchi. From other significant cities across the nation, it is simple to take regular trains to Bongaigaon.

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