Chalakudy, Kerala

Places to visit

  • Sarpa Falls : Sarpa Falls is another delight of nature that expresses the blessings of Mother Nature. Part of the Chalakudy River, this waterfall falls from a shot height. Athirapalli Falls and Vachumaram Lake are just a stone's throw away from Sarpa Falls.
  • Distance:

  • Vadakkumnathan Temple : With a collection of beautiful murals, some of which are more than 400 years old, this grand 1000-year-old temple and historic structure is famous for the Nataraja mural near the main gate.
  • To this day, the structure shows its original colors without much preservation. The sanctum of Vadhakmannathan is also located there, which has been completely covered with ghee for centuries, without any melting phenomenon. Mahavishnu and Shankaranarayan shrines are also located in this temple.


How to Reach


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