Cherthala, Kerala

In the district of Alappuzha, in the Indian state of Kerala, is Cherthala, also known by its Indianized name of Cherthala (IPA). Alappuzha's industrial center and satellite town is Cherthala.

Places to visit

  • Alleppey backwaters : The Alleppey backwaters were once used for farming, fishing, and transportation, but they have now become popular tourist destinations into a popular tourist destination. The overnight trip on the renowned Kerala houseboats is the Alleppey backwaters' primary draw. These houseboats offer an open deck as well as comforts comparable to hotel rooms, sometimes even more opulent ones. Alleppey offers a variety of experiences, like watching the sunset, watching birds, visiting villages, stargazing, observing farmers' and fishermen's daily activities, and touring several areas that specialize in producing goods like toddy, coir, and handicrafts.
  • Distance: Alleppey backwaters is 20 kilometers away from Cherthala

  • Alappuzha Beach : Alappuzha Beach, also called Alleppey Beach, is well-known for local getaways, its natural beauty, and a 150-year-old pier that extends out into the water. Fantastic choices for beachgoers include picnicking next to the beach and relaxing under the palm trees. Numerous festivals, including the Alappuzha Beach Festival and the Sand Art Festival, are held at Alleppey Beach. In addition to Alleppey Beach's natural beauty, this location offers a variety of fun activities and attractions. The fact that Vijaya Beach Park includes recreational facilities is beneficial to beachgoers. This beach has additional justification to become the most well-known destination in Kerala thanks to the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, which happens annually in August.
  • Distance: Alappuzha Beach is 21 kilometers away from Cherthala

  • Marari Beach: Marari Beach, one of the Malabar Coast's greatest attractions, is a picture-perfect, tranquil beach. This beach, which gets its name from the nearby fishing community of Mararikulam, is a hub for fishing activity and is located around 11 miles from Alleppey. Tourists have the unique opportunity to watch snake boat racing across the waterways by going in August. Because of the unmatched tranquility and peace on the beach, Marari Beach has been named one of the top five hammock beaches in the world by the National Geographic Survey.
  • Distance: Marari Beach is 12 kilometers away from Cherthala

How to Reach

  • By Air - By way of routine flights, Cherthala is not well connected to other significant cities in the nation. The closest airport is located 54 kilometers away in Cochin.
  • By Train - There is no regular train to Cherthala from other major cities of the country. The nearest railway station is at Mararikulam which is located at a distance of 8kms.

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