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Chirala, located in Andhra Pradesh and lying alongside the Bay of Bengal, is a city to enjoy the serene beaches and to take some time away from the monotony of your daily routine. It is far from the clamor and bustle of fast-paced city life.Chirala is a small town on the east coast of Andhra Pradesh, 100 kilometers from Vijayawada. It is well-known for its textile industry as well as two beaches, Ramapuram and Vodarevu.

Places to visit

  • Vodarevu Beach : One of the most popular beaches in the area of Vijayawada is Vodarevu Beach, which is well-known. This beach is lovely, and there is a steady stream of visitors who come here to unwind on the weekends. Visitors to the beach may lose track of time due to the quiet environment, and the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets only serve to enhance the beach's allure. At Vodarevu Beach, you can go swimming, fishing, and participating in water sports. Boating on the sea is made easier by the availability of local boats. Additionally, there is a nearby lighthouse that can be visited. A number of lodging options are available close to Vodarevu Beach. On the Vodarevu Beach Road are the Sip & Dip Cottages, which have all the necessities. Additionally, the adjacent Ramapuram Beach Resort and Jolley Home Resort are both excellent choices. Alternatively, Chirala town offers a variety of lodging choices. From Chirala town, you can take a bus or a cab to get to Vodarevu. Chirala has excellent train and bus connections to the major Andhra Pradesh cities.
  • Distance: vodarevu beach is 7.6 kilometres away from Chirala

  • Ramapuram Beach : Chirala, a town, is close to Ramapuram Beach. You are greeted at the beach by the sand and the piercing sounds of the waves. Everyone would eagerly dive into the water there because it is too alluring to refuse. It appears to be fresh water of some kind.Only go to the beach during the daytime is the best practice. According to me, it is not appropriate for night-time exploring. The beach, which also offers resorts, is a great place for families, couples, and groups of friends to unwind.Ramapuram Beach, which features magnificent tidal surges and lush surroundings.The beach offers a lush setting with long lengths of white sand and a lovely row of coconut trees lining the coastline. It's the ideal location for a frequent traveller looking for undiscovered or remote beaches.
  • Distance: Ramapuram Beach is 5.2 kilometres away from chirala

  • St. Mark's Lutheran Church: A long history of praising and glorifying the Lord Almighty God, Jesus Christ. very beautiful and admirable church. Very pleasant compound. This prayer hall is very old and historical in Chirala. A church building or church house, often simply called a church, is a building used for Christian religious activities, particularly Christian worship services. This church has 100 years of history.
  • Distance: St. Mark’s Lutheran church is1.8 kilometres away from chirala

  • Chirala Markets: Chirala has a thriving handloom industry. It is one of India's most popular handloom hubs and is known for its distinctive cloth weaving. They are known for specializing in traditional cotton and khadi sarees. Chirala marketplaces provide high-quality textile products at lower prices. Curtains, furnishings, bedspreads, and a wide range of body wear are also offered. Speaking of locations, the handlooms and shops are dispersed around the marketplace. Nevertheless, they are all nearby. All of these well-known stores, including Shri Balaji, Soundarya Silks, and Mahatma Gandhi Cloths, are close to one another.
  • Distance: Chirala market 1.3 kilometres away from Chirala

How to Reach

  • Roughly 13 flights depart from Vijayawada Airport. The most prominent airline brands that fly often to this airport are Air India
  • Aside from flying, you can also take the railway to Chirala. Chirala is one of Chirala's busiest railroad stations. On a daily basis, approximately 87 trains pass through Chirala. Some of the most popular lines to Chirala are Tenali to Chirala, Angola to Chirala, and Vijayawada to Chirala, with 188, 171, and 170 trains weekly, respectively.
  • Chirala is bordered by Vetapalem, Bapatla, and Ponnur, which are 3.99 km, 9.27 km, and 21.13 km, away by road, respectively.

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