Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum

If you are a history enthusiast and take pleasure in learning world history, then be ready to get your mind blown by the fascinating history of Kongo-Chola period through the impressive artifacts in the Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. With a stunning collection of artifacts excavated from the different regions of the state, the Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum will take you back to the Kongu period and delight your history craving mind.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 9:45am to 5:45pm (All days)

Location: Nanjunda Puram Road, Sreepathy Nagar, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Entry Fees: Rs.5 for Adults, Rs.3 for Kids

About the Museum

When planning your itinerary for the beautiful city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, make sure you put the Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum on the list. A significant place of tourist attraction, the Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum exhibits artifacts from both the Old and New Stone Age. Easily accessible from all over the city, the museum houses a vibrant and unique assortment of artifacts from the Stone Age such as tools and urns made of stones.

Furthermore, the museum is renowned for housing many items pertaining to the well-known Kongu-Chola period that is also taught in our history books. Other items of display at the museum are the antiques excavated from areas such as Perur, Poluvaampatti, and Vellalar. One fascinating highlight of the museum is a displayable slab that contains the orders issued by the King during a reign that was dug out in an excavation from a nearby town of Udumalapet in Tamil Nadu. Other exhibits comprise vessels, coins, jewelry, sculptures, etc., that were used by the people of the ancient era and that of the Kongu period.

A massive urn seated at a corner catches the attention of every visitor which has a fascinating story behind it. These earthen pots were known as ‘Mudhumakkal Thaazhi’ and were used in ancient times by the people of the region to bury their dead in the sitting position, sealed, and then dug. Another story says, people who were very old or were incapable to do their chores were placed inside this urn with their possessions and were left to die. These urns were excavated from the Boluvampatti region and date back to the 1st and 2nd centuries. Other highlights of the museum include a stunning stone Jain sculpture from Alathoor near Avinashi, bowls from Perur, ancient ornaments, and a hero stone. The exhibited relics brought from distinct excavations disclose a lot about the history and the architecture of that period. If you are a history paramour or love gaining insight on new topics, then this small museum will blow your mind with its numerous facts and beautiful artifacts about Kongo history and other regions as well.

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