Regional Science Centre and Science Museum

A place to curb the curiosity of the young ones and even grown-up adults, the Regional Science Centre and Science Museum in Coimbatore is a captivating place with a vibrant, enthralling, and informative exhibits that enlightens you while making you spell bound with the marvels of the universe. Watch the constellation or a meteorite galaxy or learn how things works, the museum is a vast ocean of knowledge you would want to dive in.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 10am to 5pm

Location: Codissa Road, Civil Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu .

Entry Fees: Rs.25 .

About the Museum

Established with an aim to enhance the knowledge of science and enlighten the youth about the natural phenomena on earth and the cosmos, the National Council of Science Museums along with the cooperation of Tamil Nadu Science & Technology Centre (TNSTC), developed the Regional Science Centre at Coimbatore on July 13th, 2013. Constructed in an area of 4000 sq. mt., the science museum is a fascinating and exciting place to spend a day and learn about the marvels of the universe.

Coming back to the elucidation, the Science Centre has four galleries within the premises, out of which three are permanent. The galleries are titled ‘Fun Science’, ‘Hall of Textile’, and ‘How Things Work’ along with a provisional exhibition hall. Furthermore, the museum has an Inflatable Dome Planetarium, an air-conditioned auditorium with audio-visual technology, an activity corner for children, a large telescope, a science demonstration corner, a 3D film show facility, a library, and other facilities for visitors.

The first gallery in the museum is the Textile Museum that displays the technologies used in the textile industry, both in the historic and present times as well. For example, you will see exhibits such as a huge handloom machine of the olden times along with a warping machine, etc. The next gallery Fun Science is about the history of Astronomy – right from Galileo to modern-day astronomers. The third gallery is How Things Work which demonstrates scientific principles and the technical aspects behind each machinery. The museum also has a prehistoric park outside the complex with some stuffed models of dinosaurs and other large animals, some more scientific exhibits, and a children’s park.

The impressive know-hows the museum offers to watch the 3D shows compel the visitors to visit the museum again and again. It throws light on the technologies of the ancient and modern era and enlightens the youth and children to be encouraged to learn more. The Centre also conducts recreational activities such as Meet the Scientist, Meet your Medical Expert, Teacher Training Students Motivation Program, etc.

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