Rosary Museum

A truly unique and one-of-a-kind museum in the entire country, the Rosary Museum in Coimbatore has a captivating display of rosaries from around the world with some historic significance and stories attached. Established by J Suganthi Rose, the Rosary Museum is a wonder lust for a religious person and even someone interested in religious history.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 9am to 6pm (All days)

Location: 24, AnnaiVelankanni Nagar, Krishna Colony Extension, SowriPalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu .

Entry Fees: Free.

About the Museum

Situated in a peaceful locality at Sowripalayam in Coimbatore, a museum famous for a rich and vibrant collection of rosaries is situated. Not only just the city, but the Rosary Museum is an exclusive and one-of-a-kind museum in the country as well. Established by J Suganthi Rose in November 2016, the museum is her dream project which reflects her passion and fondness for rosaries.

It all started in 2001 when Suganthi Rose was given a gold rosary by Ambrose, the then bishop of Coimbatore, who received this gold rosary by Pope John Paul II. Since that time Suganthi developed a craving for rosaries and has been collecting distinct types of rosaries from around the world. So far, she had been successful in accumulating over 6000 rosaries from five different continents and numerous countries. Rosary is a chain with small beads in it which is used by Roman Catholic Christians for doing prayers. But there are a few people who actually know about its inception, history, and its types and Rose wanted to bring the beauty of these beads to light, thus deciding on opening up a museum.

The museum has some vibrant-looking rosaries and themed rosaries also that are released by the Vatican each year and Suganthi got hold of them by drifting to different cities across the globe. The display also has the oldest rosary known as ‘Catacomb’ that is hand-made out of ivory and is considered to be of second-century along with a three-foot-long rosary from Italy made out of stones from the place where Jesus was born. Rosaries made of seeds, petals, flowers, glass, and precious stones are also on display with some history attached to each of them. Some fascinating rosaries which attract most of the attention are made of mortal remains of several martyrs, apostles, saints, and followers of the religion. Apart from rosaries, several chaplets (small rosaries made of 10-12 beads), unique statues of Jesus and mother Mary from different parts of the world, and spiritual coins and protection chains are also on display which makes for a fascinating watch. A delightful place for a religious person and all devotes with great insight and a striking exhibit.

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