Tamil nadu Police Museum

Visit this century-old building in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and get information about the brave hearts of the nation and how the department they serve in, functions. The Tamil Nadu Police Museum in Coimbatore showcases a series of artifacts and antiques pertaining to the police force and other items of fascinating history that attracts a horde of tourists every year.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 9am to 4pm (All days)

Location: State Bank Road, Gopalapuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu .

Entry Fees: Rs.50 .

About the Museum

Museums are organizations that conserve a range of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historic, or scientific significance. One such unusual and one-of-a-kind museum was established in 1918 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu by revamping a century-old police museum but keeping the colonial beauty of the building intact. The Tamil Nadu Police Museum takes you on a fascinating journey into the progression of the Police Department through different artifacts and other items of archaeological significance.

The museum displays uniforms, antique materials, and photographs with an aim to enhance the reputation of the police force and to boost the desire in youth to serve the nation. The museum also acts as a place of information where visitors can learn about the functioning of the police force. The museum also has in its display a silver sword that was presented to Tr. G. Vardaraj, the Rotary Governor by the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Tr. M. G. Ramachandran, with the demand that the sword must be retained in the police department and must be presented to a local citizen every year who was outstanding in helping the police or the administration in preserving law and order. The sword is deftly packed and kept safely in the museum.

The visitors are welcomed in the museum with two massive cannons placed on either side of the entrance. The main exhibits in the museum include a .303’’ Rifle with knife bayonet, 5.56-mm automatic rifle Insas, and various other types of arms and ammunitions, insignia and medals earned by the brave soldiers, seized arms, investigation equipment such as fingerprint sensor, facts on investigations of landmark cases, police uniforms, bomb detection and disposal gadgets, photographic equipment in the Photo section, and some attractions from the Indian Army and the Indian Navy such as tanks and the recoilless gun used by the army and the torpedo missile and surface air-to-air missile used by the navy.

Apart from this, the museum has in its premises a mini air-conditioned theatre for visitors where they can discuss the artifacts displayed in the museum and even ask the staff members about them.

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