Odisha High Court Museum

A high court converted museum, the stunning Orissa High Court Museum is located in Cuttack, Odisha, and houses a rare assortment of documents, photographs, portraits, relics, and antiques that were used by different courts during the British Raj and judgements that were passed for various trials that paved the path for the free India movement.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 9am to 5pm (Monday closed)

Location: Biju Patnaik Colony, Killa Fort, Cuttack, Odisha .

Entry Fees: Free.

About the Museum

To the list of many heritage and historic places that are being turned into museums, one more museum has been added as the Orissa High Court Museum that was inaugurated by the Chief Justice of India, Deepak Misra. Located near Killa Fort in Cuttack, Odisha, this colonial heritage edifice was constructed in 1904 and was used by the Chief Justice of Orissa High Court as his abode till 2012. Now, the building is opened to the public in the form of a museum that showcases the glorious history of Orissa High Court.

The museum is established with an aim to preserve and promote the history of the high court and to enlighten the youngsters about its legacy and all the important events that were conducted here. Precious and fascinating exhibits have been showcased in the museum to attract visitors such as many landmark verdicts delivered by courts in Odisha during the British Raj, some historic judgments such as Sambalpur judgeship in 1864 against freedom fighter Surendar Rai, and death sentence to freedom fighter Laxman Nayak in Koraput on November 13th. Furthermore, some decisions pertaining to property disputes of the princely states back then that were pronounced by distinct courts between 1895 and 1914 are also on display in the museum.

The museum is also adorned with antiques and relics such as brass and wooden seals, badges, typewrite, iron chests, chairs used by different judges during the British era, and rare clocks and locks to make it more fascinating. Antique law books and portraits of the judges of the high court are also displayed in the museum. A museum is an ideal place for law students and anyone interested in knowing about the judicial system of India during British rule. the place is still in the process to collect as many exhibits as possible to make the museum more interesting and interactive to youth as well.

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