Dahod, Gujarat

Dahod is a city in Gujarat, India, located on the banks of the Dudhimati River in the Dahod District. It is supposed to have gotten its name from Saint Dadhichi, who had an ashram on the Dudhumati's river.

Places to visit

  • Ratanmahal sanctuary : At Dhanpur, there is a bear sanctuary called Ratanmahal. This sanctuary has a protected area designation and covers an area of 55 km2. The plants and fauna of this refuge are well-known. Gujarat's forest department has grown tremendously. In Gujarat's Eastern Hills, the Vindhyachal, Arawalii, and Satpuras mountains intersect. They conceal vast deciduous woods, some of which are nearly permanently green due to the vast bodies of water they encompass. Ratanmahal is one of the greenest excursions in Central Gujarat that we would want to introduce our children to forest flora and fauna.Ratanmahal's primary refuge is at Kanjeta, where they have a fantastic display of all the local wildlife. If you enjoy wildlife, you won't want to miss out on this instructive treasure mine of displays. Climb the Summit in a four-wheel-drive vehicle or a neighboring local vehicle rented from BariaKanjeta.
  • Distance: Ratanmahal sanctuary is 45 kilometres away from Dahod

  • Bhamrechi Mata Temple : The historical temple of Goddess Bhamrechi Mata is located on the bank of the Kabutari River near Randhikpur hamlet in Dahod district's Limkheda taluka. The river flowing near the temple makes a lovely, relaxing scene.
  • Distance: Bhamrechi Mata Temple is 46kilometres away from Dahod

  • BavkaShivmandir : Bhavka Shiva Temple is a 10th-century structure in Dahod's innards. This temple is a tiny, calm, and artistically rich tourism destination with remarkable sexual decorations on its walls and pillars. The temple's outer wall and doors are artistically crafted with depictions of various celestial bodies. The sculptures on the walls are graceful and draw attention due to their intricate workmanship.
  • Distance: Bhavka Shiva Temple is 13kilometres away from Dahod

How to Reach

  • By Road-Dahod, on the National Highway, approximately 160 kilometers from Vadodara. State-owned buses and private luxury coaches from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, and Rajasthan are available. In or around Station Road, there are also various private bus companies.
  • By Air-Dahod's nearest airport is in Vadodara. It is located 151 kilometers from Dahod.
  • By Train-Dahod is a significant railway junction on the Western Railway, which links Mumbai and Delhi.

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