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Eluru is a city and the district headquarters of the Eluru district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the state's 14 municipal corporations and the mandal headquarters of the Eluru mandal in the Eluru revenue division. The city is located on the Tammileru River.

Places to visit

  • Eluru Ashram : The Nam Datta Natha Kshetra, also known as Eluru Ashram, is associated with the Datta Peetham. In the ashram, there is a small shrine with images of Lord Dattatreya and Anagha Devi. Lord Ganesha, the Navagrahas, and Lord Hanuman are also represented by symbols at the ashram. Within the ashram, there is a Guru Nilayam and a sizable petition corridor. At Eluru Ashrama's Nam DattaNathaKshetram, DhwajaPratishtha gave a performance. The monument's 33-foot-tall stone column was engraved by a team of knowledgeable craftspeople under the direction of V. SubrahmanyamAchary of Allagadda. Sri P. Sankara Rao of Eluru backed this up.Pujya Sri Swamiji then went into great depth to explain the significance of Nam DattanathaKshetra, which is suggestive of RevanaNatha, the eighth Navanatha. Nothing about the Brahma charity on exhibit in the AmbikaTheater was intended to help the local followers.
  • Distance:  Eluru Ashram is 3.3 kilometres away from Eluru

  • Eluru Buddha Park : In the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh's Eluru City, right in the heart of the Eluru Buddha Statue, is Eluru Buddha Park. One of the ancient ponds in the town of Helapuri's past is called GajaVallivariCheruvu (the ancient name of the town of Eluru). When the Chalukyan dynasty was in power, elephants would sip water from this pond. In order to convey the Buddha's teachings, a majestic 74-foot-tall Buddha statue known as GajjalavariCheruvu was erected in the centre of the pond.
  • Distance: Eluru Ashram is 2.5 kilometres away from Eluru Buddha Park

  • Dwaraka Tirumala : In the Andhra Pradesh state's West Godavari district is the town of Dwaraka Tirumala. Lord Venkateswara is honored in this temple, which is a well-known Hindu shrine. Another name for Dwaraka Tirumala is ChinnaTirupati, which translates to "Mini Tirupati." Like Tirupati's main shrine, this temple receives a lot of pilgrim traffic. Hindus from all over the world go great distances to visit the well-known shrine of Dwaraka Tirumala. It has a well-established network of railways and roadways that enable visitors to move to and from the temple and within the city because it is located in the headquarters of the West Godavari district.
  • Distance: Dwaraka Tirumala is 31.5 kilometres away from Eluru

  • Kolleru Bird Sanctuary: Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is a well-known tourist destination in Andhra Pradesh and was founded in the year 1999. The West Godavari and Krishna districts are also part of this sanctuary for birds. Because it is the Andhra Pradesh home to a diversity of avifauna, Kolleru Bird Sanctuary draws a sizable number of tourists. Throughout the year, visitors can see a variety of birds at the sanctuary. Because it safeguards the wetlands of Kolleru, the Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is a significant landmark in Andhra Pradesh. Both farming and fishing are prohibited in this area. In addition to the native birds, tourists can see migratory birds from the Philippines, Australia, and Serbia, including the heron, stork, swan, and flamingo. A well-known tourist destination, Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is frequented by tourists all year round. The fact that it provides a home for a variety of indigenous species never fails to draw people. But from November to January, more people go through this bird sanctuary. The migratory birds can be seen in large numbers at this time of year.
  • Distance: Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is 13.5 kilometres away from Eluru

  • Balayogi Science Park Eluru: A well-liked tourist destination is the science park in Eluru, which has the name of the late GMC Balayogi, a former speaker of the Lok Sabha. Balayogi Science Park is the place to go if you want to inform people about the reasoning behind each phenomenon and stop society from accepting superstitious beliefs. At the moment, this park is thought to be the best place for field trips. Different components of the physics, chemistry, and biology departments are located in the two-story Balayogi Science Park building. It is possible to show the functioning models in enough room for each area. There are also departments for zoology, human anatomy, physiology, botany, and other sciences. Young visitors can learn more about the various bird species in the adjoining yard's little bird sanctuary. This park hosts recreational activities including "Decoding Magic," which uses magic tricks to illustrate the rationale for scientifically refuting superstitious notions.
  • Distance: Balayogi Science Park Eluru is 750.0 meter away from Eluru

  • Guntupalli Buddhist Caves: In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, close to Kamavarapukota in the West Godavari district, are the Guntupalle or Guntupalli Group of Buddhist Monuments. Two Buddhist caves, a chaitya hall, and a sizable number of stupas may be found at the site's rock-cut portion. The chaitya hall features a unique entrance made of carved stone that imitates wooden architecture in a more straightforward manner than that at the Lomas Rishi Cave. There are structural building remnants composed of stone and brick, including those of two brick vihara, as well as two-level caverns that have been dug and contain unusually constructed chaitya halls.The central element of this is a stone stupa with a closed route encircling it to facilitate ritual parikrama. With some sculptures added later, the majority of them are from 200 to 100 BCE. Over 30 lesser stupas are situated on a terrace in front of the main above-ground structure, which is surrounded by brick construction surrounding a stone stupa. Two further structures are in ruins. Three relic caskets were discovered during the excavation. Many priceless materials, including gold, silver, and crystal beads, were used in the caskets. One of the caskets and the bronze statue of Padmapani were discovered together.
  • Distance: Guntupalli Buddhist Caves is 13.5 kilometres away from Eluru

  • AchantaSri Rameswaraswamy temple: One of Lord Shiva's avatars, Rameswara Swami, has a historic temple in Chanta. In the past, Achanta was known as Marthandapuram, and the Siva Lingam inside the temple is thought to be swayambhoo (self-formed). The name of the Lord is Achanteswara Swami. There are approximately six Shiva lingas located within the grounds of this temple: Lakshmaneswara, Someswara, Markandeya, Bhima, Skanda, and Indralingas. The temple is renowned for its exquisite design as well. At the entrance to the temple is a sizable gopuram with five floors. Two lions are shown on the summit of this gopura, guarding an elephant's head. There are five Kalasha visible in the space between these two lions. In the temple, a tall Dwajastambham is also visible in front of the mukhamantapam.Within the main temple are separate shrines dedicated to Lord Vigneshwara (Lord Ganapati), Goddess Saraswati, and Saptamatrukulu. A holy pond called Pushkarini is found next to most south Indian temples, as may be seen.
  • Distance: Achanta Sri Rameswaraswamy temple is 101.9 kilometres away from Eluru

How to Reach
  • Regular flights aren't very effective in connecting Eluru to other significant cities in the nation. At a distance of 38 kilometres, the closest airport is in Vijayawada. From other country's major cities, it is simple to take regular trains to Eluru.

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