Ferozepur Jhirka

Firozpur Jhirka, Haryana

Ferozepur Jhirka, also known as Ferojpur Jhirka, is a town in Nuh district, Haryana, India, close Nuh city.

Places to visit

  • Kotla and Shiva Temple : The hamlet of Kotla, located 7 kilometers from Nuh, is well-known for its ancient ruins. According to legend, the Pandavas stopped here for a short time in the Shiva temple during their 14-year exile on their way from Hastinapur.
  • Distance: Kotla and Shiva Temple is 29 kilometers away from Firozpur Jhirka.

  • Sheikh Musa : The Tomb of Sheikh Musa, a fine blend of Muslim and Rajput architectural styles, is renowned for its shaking minarets. This man-made marvel is also renowned for its brilliant engineering techniques, such as the fact that if one pyramid is shaken, the vibrations can be felt in the next one.Despite their dilapidated state as a result of neglect, these pyramids continue to draw a large number of tourists.
  • Distance: Sheikh Musais 41kilometers away from Firozpur Jhirka.

  • Chuhi Mal KaTalaab : Chui Mal is a grand two-story structure adjacent to it. Chui Mal built both the pond and the Samadhi (memorial) around the same time. Of course, his son installed the tomb in the structure after his death. The pond is surrounded by eight cenotaphs and is quite beautiful. During my discussions with the property’s owners (no, it is not under the control of the State Government or the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), but is privately owned by Chui Mal’s descendants), I was told that all of the burj (the structure beneath the Chattri or the cenotaph) have wells underneath and thus there is always water in the pond.
  • Distance: Chuhi Mal KaTalaab is 38kilometers away from Firozpur Jhirka.

How to Reach

  • By Air-Nearby Airports to Ferozepur Jhirka is Indira Gandhi International Airport is located in New Delhi95 kilometers away.
  • By Train-Stations on the Ferozepur-Jhirka Railway Line Banchari 44 kilometers away.
Ferozepur Jhirka

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