Ghatshila, Jharkhand

Places to visit

  • Phuldungri Hill : Phuldungri Hill is a beautiful location for sightseeing. You will have a clear view of the entire city once you have ascended the hill. Even a car may reach the top by using the spiral staircase. The entire hillside is covered in a dense sal tree forest, and the ascent is very beautiful. You will find the red pebbled trail to be rather entrancing, especially against the background of the lush, green trees that line the road.
  • Phuldungri Hill is very attractive at either sunrise or sunset. You will be in awe of the site's picturesque scenery if you visit at dark or dawn. You can hike up the hills if you want to try something different. The route is incredibly lovely, and many adventurers frequently hike there. There is another reason Phuldungri Hill is well-known. This hillock served as the inspiration for the legendary book "Aranyak," written by Bibhutibhushan Bandophadya.


  • Burudih Dam : Another beautiful location in Ghatshila is Burudih Dam, which receives a lot of visitors every year. The dam was built many years ago, in the British Regency. It is surrounded by the stunning Dalma Hill, which makes the entire area magnificent. The Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is not far from the dam. Wild elephants occasionally approach the dam because of its proximity to the wildlife reserve. You may see the Binda Mela if you go to the Burudih Dam in October. For fifteen days, this mela is held at the lake's edge. You can purchase some lovely handicrafts manufactured by the local tribe while touring the area.
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  • Narwa Forest : One of the best places to visit in Ghatshila is Narwa Forest. This website is pretty lovely in a straightforward way this peaceful spot is a perfect place to collect your thoughts because of the little spaces and the rushing river. In the concrete seating area near the river, you may relax. People typically travel there with friends or relatives. Sitting there for some time will make you feel relaxed. It is best to avoid visiting at night because the area is rather isolated. You'll feel better if you go there with a packed lunch and some water. You'll need to hire a car or an auto rickshaw from Ghatshila to get there.
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