Golaghat, Assam

Golaghat is the name of a district and a town in Upper Assam. Golaghat is a quiet town encircled by many tea estates. The accessibility of several game parks and animal sanctuaries from Golaghat is another attraction. Additionally nearby is Kaziranga National Park, a World Heritage Site.

Places to visit

  • Burhimai Than : The elderly mother's shrine makes reference to Durga. Siva-Parboti is referred to as Burha-Burhi among the tribes (particularly the Kochari). Although it is a modern temple, "Sopa Khowa Sil" was its previous name, and it is a beautifully built temple. The only thing there was a stone that people fiercely worshiped as a divinity. In any case, they feared the same omen.
  • Distance: Burhimai Than is 67 kilometres away from Golaghat

  • Kako Gosani Than : The Durga temple was likewise delivered here on a piece of "Kako" bamboo. According to folklore, Assam experienced a political crisis in the 17th century, during the Ahom dynasty. Sulikpha, the Ahom king at the time, was just a young child. Laluksola Borphukan, his father-in-law, took over the reins of the kingdom after that. In the name of the young king "Lora Raja". In order to secure the kingdom for himself, Borphukan started to maim the Ahom princess. This prevented them from claiming the throne as is customary. But Langi Gadapani, also known as Gadadhar Singha, the head of the Tungkhungia dynasty, managed to flee. His wife Joymoti was slain and subjected to torture. The identical golden Devi Durga idols were in Gadadhar Singha's fabric bundle and within the hollow Kako bamboo piece when he vanished. He loved her once. One day, he was unwinding beneath a tree that Naramara Bill had planted to produce an acid fruit called "Am Tenga" (Lake). The king's spies suddenly surrounded the man. Before running away, he started by casting one idol into the lake. Then, using this idol, the villagers constructed a temple on the Diring River. Since then, its location has changed. West of Bokakhat is where it is located. Here, plays like Basanti and Durga Puza are performed.
  • Distance: Kako Gosani Than is 64 kilometres away from Golaghat

  • Kakochang Waterfalls: It is situated halfway between Bokakhat and Kaziranga National Park. It is vital to eat outside in a spot where visitors can take in breathtaking views of the surroundings, including the mountains and woods. Historical Numaligarh or Deopahar ruins, tea landscapes in Methoni, Hatikhuli, Difalu, and Behora Borchapori, coffee and rubber plantations are some of the nearby attractions. This waterfall has grown to be a well-liked tourist attraction for visitors to Kaziranga because it is active during the winter and dry season.
  • Distance: Kakochang Waterfalls is 56 kilometres away from Golaghat

How to Reach

  • Golaghat is one of the most visited tourist destinations in north-east India, drawing tourists from all across the nation. Due to its advanced communication and transportation infrastructure, visiting this area is fairly convenient by air. Despite being the nearest, Jorhat's Rowraih Airport lacks an airport of its own in the city. You might also take a flight to the Dimapur Airport and then travel from there to this location. Several of the main cities in the nation are connected by these routes, which are flown by important airlines. Two of the district's main railway stations are the Furkating station and the Sarupathar station. Visitors can board a train at these stations and travel to their destination from Guwahati or Jorhat.

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