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A city in the Andhra Pradesh state of India's Krishna district is called Gudivada. The administrative hub of the Gudivada revenue division is located there. It is a municipality. One of the state's cities, it is a component of the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region.

Places to visit

  • Kondapalli Reserve Forest : There are reportedly more than 100 small to medium-sized waterfalls concealed inside the ranges of the Kondapalli Reserve Forest in Andhra Pradesh. The forest ranges are ideal for trekking and are also a haven for much different wildlife. For a fun hike with your companions, head to the forest, where you might see waterfalls as well as civets, peacocks, sambar deer, and barking deer. Leopards, wild dogs, wolves, jackals, wild boars, and four-legged antelopes can all be found in the forest's deeper reaches. To navigate the uneven trails inside the forest, you really need a sturdy pair of trekking shoes. Additionally, you must begin early in the day because the path might be very difficult.
  • Distance: Kondapalli Reserve forest is 71 kilometres away from Gudivada

  • Prakasam Barrage : One of the most well-known attractions in Vijayawada is the Prakasam Barrage, which features a recognizable landmark that gives the city its notoriety. The building connects the Krishna and Guntur districts and spans a breathtaking 1223 meters along the Krishna River. The barrage is illuminated in a symphony of lights at night, offering the most breathtaking perspective of the building. Backwaters begin to appear after the barrage, and they are breathtakingly gorgeous against the backdrop of the Kanakadurga Hills. The barrage offers a breathtaking view of the Krishna River and space for irrigation infrastructure in the surrounding districts.
  • Distance: Prakasam Barrage is45 kilometres away from Gudivada

  • BhavaniIsland : You shouldn't skip out on seeing this stunning estuary island in the Krishna River. Prakasam Barrage may be found close to Bhavani Island. Bhavani Island, a fantastic picnic location, offers options for magnificent boat excursions in the Krishna River as well as bathing pools that are kept in excellent condition. Boats for boating are provided at a location known as Durga Ghat and are well-organized by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. Fun water sports and fishing may be had all over this island. It is a very enjoyable experience just to travel by boat to Bhavani Island.
  • Distance: BhavaniIsland is 48 kilometres away from Gudivada

  • Mogalarajapuram caves: • Here are three well-known cave temples from the fifth century. A stunning carving of Ardhanariswara, thought to be the only one of its sort in South India, is displayed in one of these three cave temples. Additionally, there are carved representations of Lord Vinayaka and Lord Shiva in Nataraja form in these cave temples.
  • Distance: Mogalarajapuram cavesis48 kilometres away from gudivada

How to Reach
  • Regular flights are not a great way to get from Gudivada to other significant cities in the nation. At a distance of 21 kilometers, the closest airport is in Vijayawada. From other significant cities in the nation, there are no frequent trains to Gudivada. Eluru, which is 32 kilometers away, is home to the closest train station.

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