Haryana’s cuisine comprises of earthy, flavorful but simple and nutritious dishes, which are always freshly cooked.

Some of the main dishes of Haryana’s cuisines include: Singri ki Sabzi (a dried beans curry), Besan Roti (Chickpea flour flatbread), Masala Roti (spiced unleavened wheat flatbread) and Kachri ki Sabzi (A curry/dish made of Kachri - a wild vegetable from the Cucumber family, and potatoes, along with other spices like chillies, mustard and turmeric).

The state also produces milk and dairy products abundantly due to its cattle wealth – the Murrah buffaloes and Haryana cows. Almost every house and every dish has freshly churned butter or ghee (clarified butter) or milk (usually full fat).

Lassi – a sweetened (with sugar) or savory (lightly salted/spiced) thick buttermilk is a staple drink in the state, and is often served alongside meals.

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