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Ibrahimpatnam is a neighborhood of Hyderabad in the Telangana state of India. It is located in the Ranga Reddy district. It is situated within Kondapalli Municipality and serves as the hub of Ibrahimpatnam Mandal's administrative operations in the Vijayawada Revenue Division of the NTR district. The Dr Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station, one of the state's largest thermal power plants, is situated at PavitraSangam, the meeting point of the Krishna and Godavari rivers.

Places to visit

  • Bodakonda Waterfalls : A wonderful location with breathtaking scenery and verdant farmlands is Bodakonda Waterfalls. The virgin beauty of this location, which is among the least traveled areas in the vicinity of Hyderabad, astounds everyone. For residents of Hyderabad, this location makes the ideal weekend getaway and family vacation destination. It takes almost two hours to drive to this lovely waterfall, which is located 71.2 kilometers from Hyderabad. Given that Ibrahimpatnam, the closest town, is 26 kilometers distant, this place can be included in lists of waterfalls in 50 kilometers that are both close to Ibrahimpatnam and to Hyderabad. Let's look at this location's history a little more.
  • Distance: Bodakonda waterfalls is 23 kilometres away from Ibrahimpatnam

  • Ibrahimpatnam Lake : At the start of his reign, Sultan Ibrahim Qutb Shah rebuilt and cleaned up Pangal Lake, which is around 100 kilometers from Hyderabad. During his 30-year rule between 1550 and 1580 AD, Ibrahim Qutb Shah designed and constructed Ibrahimpatnam Lake as one of his final lakes. Hussainsagar Lake had already been established on his orders when it was built. According to history, Khairatunnisa, the daughter of Ibrahim, had mediocre health, thus the monarch commanded that she be housed far from the fort, near a water body. Husain Shah Wali, Ibrahim's son-in-law, took on the task and completed it by 1565. Though it is impossible to picture the lake water next to the Khairatabad masjid that is surrounded by homes, the region where the couple resided in is still known by the name Khairatabad.
  • Distance: Ibrahimpatnam Lake is1.7 kilometres away from Ibrahimpatnam

  • Chowmahalla Palace : During the reign of the fifth Nizam, Afzar-ud-Daulah, AsafJav V, the construction of Chowmahalla Palace was largely finished between 1857 and 1869. However, NizamSalabat Jang is largely credited with its construction around 1790. The ancient palace was 45 acres in size and stretched from the Laad Bazaar in the north to the Aspan Chowk Road in the south. The overall area of the palace that is still standing is now close to 12 acres.The palace was opened to the public in 2005 after the government had it renovated. Except on Friday and on federal holidays, anyone may visit the palace any day of the week. The Council Hall, Roshan Bungalow, and the Clock Tower are all located inside the Chowmahalla Palace. Roshan Begum, the sixth Nizam's mother, is honored by having her name given to the Roshan Bungalow. Inside the Clock Tower is the Khilwat Clock, which has been known for ticking ever since the palace was built. The Nizam personally collected a number of manuscripts and valuable volumes, which have been stored at the Council Hall.
  • Distance: Chowmahalla Palaceis30 kilometres away from ibrahimpatnam

How to Reach
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is the closest airport. By road, it takes 18 kilometers to get from Ibrahimpatnam Railway Station to Vijayawada Railway Station. To get to Ibrahimpatnam Town, there are several buses that are available, and from there, Loyapally buses will be often available.

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