Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh

Jagdalpur is a city in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh's Bastar district. Jagdalpur serves as the administrative center for the Bastar District and Division.

Places to visit

  • Chitrakote Falls : Chitrakote, India's broadest waterfall is often dubbed the Niagara of India due to its size. This waterfall, located on the west side of Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh's Bastar District, is fed by the Indravati river. Chitrakote Falls has a height of roughly 30 meters and a width of 985 feet, and you may see it in all its splendor during the monsoons. During the summer, the fall cascades from the top of the cliff in three streams. Lord Shiva's shrine, which has countless miniature Shivalinga, is a major attraction below the fall. During the off-season, locals and tourists might be seen swimming, bathing, or even utilizing paddle boats on the river.
  • Distance: Chitrakote is 38 kilometers away from Jagdalpur

  • Dalpat Sagar : Dalpat Sagar, Chhattisgarh's largest manmade lake, is a 400-year-old lake that was built originally to catch rainwater but is now largely used for fishing and tourism. Tourists can picnic on an artificial island erected in the middle of the lake. It features a light tower, a musical fountain, and even a temple surrounded by lush greenery. The government has also begun to provide watercraft facilities for tourists so that they may enjoy stunning sunsets. This lake, which covers an area of 350 hectares, was established by Raja Dalpat Deo Kakatiya so that the gathered rainwater could be used for various uses such as irrigation, cleaning, and drinking. The lake's environs are also home to some unusual and magnificent flora and animals. Dalpat Sagar may be visited throughout the year. If you're in Jagdalpur, this is an excellent picnic location.
  • Distance: Dalpat Sagar is 2.6 kilometers away from Jagdalpur

  • Venkateshwara Swamy Temple : Members of the Andhra Association established the Venkateshwara Swamy Temple, also known as the Balaji Temple. This temple was established by the efforts of numerous devotees who wished to pray to Lord Balaji or Shri Venkateshwara Swamy, the lord of the universe, effortlessly and close to their homes. Every day, locals and visitors may be seen paying reverence to the lord's sacred shrine. The temple architecture is highly beautiful and typical of South Indian style. Originally a popular pilgrimage destination for mainly locals, this temple now attracts visitors and Hindu pilgrims from all over the world.
  • Distance: Venkateshwara Swamy Temple is 1.2 kilometres away from Jagdalpur

How to Reach

  • Agdalpur (Bastar) is served by its own airport. Planes and helicopters are operated from here by the DRDO, the Air Force, the BSF, and the CRPF. Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur, is Chhattisgarh's principal airport, located 300 kilometers from Jagdalpur (Bastar). It has excellent connectivity to major cities like as Bhopal, Indore, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

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